Illume Candles Coupons & Promo Codes

Illume is an online retailer selling various fragrances and fragrant candles. They are recognized in the market for their premium brand and have been featured in a number of publications. In the past, illume products have been featured in the Oprah Magazine, HGTV Magazine, The Cottage Journal, The Redbook Magazine Health, and Audrey Magazine.

The site features a simple yet beautiful design, which is optimized for customer experience. The major categories of items are Collections, Fragrances, Gifts, New Arrivals, Products, and Sale. The Collections Section contains all their products categorized under different collections. Examples can include Seasonal 2015, Enameled Tumblers, Majestic Glass, and many others. To further enhance your understanding, let us explore the majestic glass section. The Blue Coral Majestic Glass is a fragrant candle which is enclosed in a beautifully designed container. This fragrance will remind you of faraway beaches. This end is infused with vetiver, coriander, sea salt, lemon leaf, and Koa wood. This candle will relax you in times of stress and help you in relieving your burdens.

The Fragrances Section contains various kinds of fragrances this category is further subdivided into aromatic, citrus, cult favorites, watery, and many other sections like these. Each of the categories has very specific candles made of unique ingredients. The Aromatic Section is usually made of lemongrass, lemon, avocado, and mint. Likewise, the Citrus Section contains sense of exotic fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and the many different varieties of grapefruits. The Cult Favorite section contains all the fragrances which have had a fanatic following through their years in operation. The Date Night Section contains soft musks and Amber which are more suited to a date night. The Floral Section contains candles which have been imbued with cents from various flowers like roses, lilies, gardenia, and countless others.

Apart from these regular categories, they also feature a Products section, which has items such as diffusers, perfumes, bath salts, lotions, and several other accessories. A good example from this category is their Balsam and Cedar Diffuser. It retails at $33.75. Depending on the use, these are sufficient to keep your room scented for months to come.

If you’re impressed with what they have to offer and would like to browse through all their products, visit their well-designed website. You can order all their products online and have them delivered to your house. They ship to all the US states, however, for international destinations and shipping charges you will have to visit their shipping section. They operate a secure site and accept all major online payment methods. If you face any difficulty in using their services, you can contact their customer support via phone or email. Additionally, they maintain an interesting blog which has product descriptions and various articles on how best to benefit from their candles. Or, you can follow them through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Tumblr.

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