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There are people who go by the notion ‘live to eat’ and then there are those who ’eat to live’. Though there is a lot of difference in both of the terminologies but a beautifully presented meal with its rich aroma can tempt any soul! If the taste is there and a dish is accurately presented than whether it’s some local food joint you are eating from or at one of the outlet of some international chain, the venue will not matter anymore. Impromptu gourmet started off with vision to provide delicate and lavish dishes to all of its customers and especially those can’t afford to hire a full – time gourmet chef. They have amazing foods and gifts on their plate to offer while each of them is delivered to the doorsteps of their customers with utmost convenience. They offer the complete range; from the ever time classics to the modern day meals while have some specials as well! As their name goes, Impromptu gourmet is a perfect solution to an unplanned meal. The company caters for all of the events for their clients like gourmet dinner parties, special celebrations or even a simple weeknight treat. They even have a specially designed course for 2 which serves as an emblem of complementing each other! Apart from these, they also have some great combinations and matches to choose from.

As Impromptu gourmet deals in foods which are a perishable item by nature so their team always needs to put in the extra effort and stay on their toes in order to ensure smooth business. Any mistake can prove to be drastically bad and ruin a customer’s experience while if the product being consumed is a meal then the chances are really few that the same customer will give you another chance! So far, the journey has been a promising one for the company and they aim to keep it that way. Their officials are also active on certain social media platforms while a detailed description of the shipping process is published on the web site.

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