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The history of irobot.com dates back to 1990s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology robocists. The experts started by developing great iRobot designs and as a result, they have built some of the world’s most important robots in many spheres of life. The iRobots is a home to many important robots which have seen a revolution in the way people do their cleaning processes. The company is reputed to have sold over 8 million robots globally. These have been sold to many homes.  The robots have been winning many awards. The iRobot Roomba is a good such example.  These robots are used in carrying out a number of tasks such as vacuuming of floors and many similar projects within the home environment.

The iRobots have also produced great products in the past for the purpose of promoting public safety as well as defense. That is way they have been used in carrying out a great number of military missions by armies world wide. They are suited for working in water as well as on dry land. Their applications vary from the civil defense to the military defense systems. They perform searches which are otherwise considered dangerous if carried out by people. That explains why the military officers are putting in orders for thousands of robots from this company. The robots are used in the dirty works of bomb-disposal and carrying out reconnaissance projects. The company has been in business for the last twenty years. The company is committed towards the process of making life easier for all people world wide.
Below are the main milestones that have been achieved by the company in the past:
In 2012, the company reported that it has sold 8 million robots globally. The company has also made available 5,000 unmanned ground vehicles which are unmanned.
In 2011, the iRobots launched its award-winning iRobot called Scooba. This is used for floor washing.  This is the same time when the Roomba 700 series was also launched. This is a vacuum cleaning robot.
In 2010 iRobots celebrated its 20 years in making great impact in people’s lives. This was done during the National Robotics week. At the same time, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was monitored with the help of iRobotSeaglider.
The iRobot SPARK education initiative was launched in 2009. The year before the company had expanded its operations into the manufacturing of maritime robots. This was to take care of sea operations. That was in the year 2008. A range of other products are associated with iRobot such as winning the contract to manufacturer LAN droid communication robot.
The year 2007 was very busy for iRobot. The company launched a programmable mobile robot, a Verro Pool cleaning robot and the launching of Looj gutter cleaning robot.
In 2006, Dirt Dog shop was launched by iRobot to help in sweeping purposes. In 2005, the iRobot first traded at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGVs) were developed by iRobots in the year 2004. Two years before, the iRobots was greatly inspired when the USA army officially deployed the use of iRobot PackBot for the first time ever. That was the same time the National Geographic Society worked in partnership with iRobots to search the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
The company was cofounded by Colin Angle, Rodney Brooks and Helen Greiner. They were working as roboticists at MIT in USA.
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