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This company is a leading online retailer dealing with home, patio, bathroom and kitchen accessories. The business has been run by family members for a larger period of time. This has been the case since 1996 when kitchensource.com was established. The founders of this great online retailer have been in the home and kitchen trade for the last 45 years. These people were among the first traders to establish their operations in the industry.

Due to the great experience and time dedication has made it possible to choose some of the finest quality products from leading manufacturers globally. The wide access to new products from various manufacturers has made it possible to create a wide selection for all existing customers. There is a longstanding and solid relationship with the company vendors who make it possible for the company to provide the best prices and other special products in the market. The company is very confident that all customers will find what they need at this website.

The major goal of kitchenSource.com is to make their customers’ shopping experience as best as they can. The management makes sure that happens by working hard and dedicating much time towards customer service. The team responsible for sales and customer service is highly skilled in what they do. This great team is considered as a family. Many of the team members have been working with the company for more than 10 years now.
In addition to the customer service team there are also product specialists who are responsible for creating a wider production selection. There is a custom design where color can be added to any appliance of your choice. This is to make sure that all your appliances are matching well with you home décor. That way, the freezer, dishwasher and compactor will fit very well to your house or home surrounding.

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