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Who They Are is an online retailer which sells boating equipment to sea lovers. It was founded back in 1982, but did not have an internet presence till 1997. It has saved countless boating enthusiasts over the years due to its high quality equipment. The main aim at establishing it was to provide a single point where people would come for their boating equipment needs. It has built up a strong reputation over its three and a half decades of operation. But, it isn’t only about selling the equipment rather Landfall has been an educational center for all sorts of customers. They have trained recreational boaters, and even worked with professional law enforcement organizations.

Things to know about them

  • Started operations in 1982
  • Came online in 1997, which makes it one of the first boating equipment retailers to go online
  • High Quality products
  • Trusted by professional mariners and law enforcement
  • They also provide safety educational courses to beginners

The Products

Landfall has everything that you will ever need on a boating expedition. Its equipment and apparel can be divided into Safety, Navigation, Clothing, Hardware & Line, Boats & Boards, Education, and Nautical Gifts. Let us go through them briefly to get a better understanding of the assortment of products present.



Whenever you are dealing with the raw forces of nature, you can never lax on the safety. This can be an expedition to the Alps or an excursion into the sea. Always have your safety equipment accounted for. Before going out on a new expedition or even just a casual recreational excursion, it is best practice to check up on the core safety equipment in your boat. Their safety equipment is divided into the following items:

Life Rafts Distress Signaling Life Jackets Man overboard
Abandon Ship Bag Supplies Medicine Cabinet Vessel Storm Survival Damage Control
Ditty Bag Radar Reflectors & Transponders Katadyn Watermakers Water Rescue Equipment
Safety Apparel

Life Jackets

Life Jackets

Let us start with the most basic of the stuff: life jackets. It may not make you look cool, but it is one of the single most important lifesaving equipment that we highly recommend to even the most experience of boaters. It is better to have it in hand or even better yet wear it in times of turbulence or while doing anything on your boat where you are at risk.

Landfall has a whole range of life jackets available for sale. You will find inflatable versions along with Floatation Vests and even immersion suits. If you like to take your pet along, then it would be prudent to buy a life jacket for it too.

Distress Signaling

It is absolutely important to have some sort of distress signaling equipment on board. In fact, it is best practice to keep a backup, in case a failure occurs in your main boat/yacht system. There are a whole variety of them present. From simple glowing sticks to pyrotechnics and rescue signal generators. It comes down to personal choice and professional judgment.

However, when choosing a distress signal it is best to follow the USCG guidelines. So, for example, if you choose to go with pyrotechnics as distress signals, then you have to carry a minimum of three. It would be three for day purposes and three for the night time.

Damage Control

We all pray against sustaining any high amount of damage when in the seas, but it can occur due to various reasons and it is best to be equipped to handle it. There are many kits available with Landfall that will help you reduce the overall damage and help your vessel stay afloat. They have simple Thru hull wood plugs as well as different adhesives and weather resistant tapes to patch things up.

Water makers

It is better to prepare yourself for the worst, than to die when it happens. Water makers are portable water purifying filters which will keep your supply of drinkable water at reasonable levels. Landfall has military grade portable systems that can be part of your life raft or even be made a part of the onboard water supply. Katadyn water makers ensure the removal of 98.4% of salt and other contaminants to ensure that the seawater becomes safe to drink. They have hand operated versionss along with solar and electrical options.


Whether you are a rookie trying to learn the ropes of navigating your own ship or a veteran who wants to keep his knowledge up to date, this section is all about navigation. It has a whole range of softwares, charts, electronics, and books to help you learn the basics and set up your navigation systems on the vessel.



Unless you are going on a yacht party, you want to be appropriately dressed while navigating a boat. Ideally your clothes should protect you from the wind, sun, and to an extent the salt spray. The clothes should have minimum wind resistance and should be selected according to the weather that you will face.

Landfall has simple apparel that would be ideal for a boat party along with technical options that will ensure your safety in competitions. The clothing section is divided into helpful sub sections such as Shop by Sports, Shop by Weather, Footwear, etc. Or if you are looking for a very specific product, then you can always use the site search feature using the relevant keywords.

We have touched just a couple of sections briefly, if you want more details you can log onto their website for more information. Our conclusion is that they are providing an excellent service, which is backed by experienced customer service and an easily navigable ecommerce store.

Coupons and Benefits

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