Limoges Jewelry Coupons, Promo Code

Limoges Jewelry is an online e-commerce store which specializes in providing personalized jewelry. It was established in 1995 and has since been operating from Chicago, Illinois. Its main aim is to bring affordable, unique, and personalized jewelry to the common people in the US. They achieve this by having no retail outlets and avoiding most overhead costs associated with on-ground stores. Their products are divided into the following main categories: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Wedding, Men’s, Class Rings, Gifts, and Clearance.

The Rings section can be further divided into different categories like Celtic, Infinity, Name + Initial, Purity, etc. We were really impressed by their Sterling Silver Marquise Birthstone & Name Family Ring With Diamond Accent. It was made of sterling silver and had an exquisite design. All the family’s names can be engraved on it. All the information has to be selected before buying. It would make a perfect gift to dear ole mom. They also have an exceptional collection of purity rings, which can be found in a range of materials and have the option of engraving a customized message.

The Earrings section is, likewise, divided into sub-categories and has a similar diversity of products. The section can be arranged according to Price, Gender, Age, Color, and Category. Of special note were the Name + Monogram Earrings. As the name suggests, they could be made to depict a name or a special monogram. The rest of the sections had a similar arrangement and are also well equipped with many choices for customers.

If you are impressed by their products and would like to see the whole selection, visit their website. It is easy to navigate and well-designed. You can order all the products online and have them shipped to your home. For charges and international delivery, visit their shipping section. They have a secure website which accepts all major online payment options. Customer services can be contacted via email or phone. Additionally, they keep their followers updated through Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

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