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Ilewellyn.com is one of the largest as well as the oldest book publisher which is independent in nature. The books are usually about the body, spirit and mind. The company is dedicated to making valuable information to the readers more especially in the metaphysical resources as well as books. The company has been leading in the frontline of publishing business since 1901. That is why we say that the company promotes thinking throughout the world. The company’s activities have been a source of illumination new angles on many ideas and instruction. This publisher has put available plenty of new knowledge on wellness, astrology, magic, paranormal, tarot and the earth based spirituality.

The company has two acclaimed imprints which are award winning. There are mysteries like the Midnight Ink titles as well as Flux novels. These are books which can be read by young people. Flux was very proud when three of its authors ended up becoming the best sellers on the New York Times. In the Flux title, the author Elkeles came up with the wonderful title Return Paradise which became a hit on the New York Times in October, 2010. There is a partnership relationship between the Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo and Llewellyn.

The Llewellyn has a vision to be the world’s largest provider of works for personal promotion as well as transformation of Spirit, Body and Mind. There are a number of tools and options to serve consumers all over the world. This is new world of the mind as well as spirit aid in the efforts to explore new worlds of spirit and mind.

The 1960s there was major changes all over America. It was a dynamic decade when the company was formed. The company moved to the forefront in the new Age publishing. The company made a lot of contributions to the growing New Movements by opening a new bookstore as well as publishing an occult newspaper called Gnostica.

The US army chaplains adopted the Principles of Wiccan Belief in 1974. This was in addition to other influential works by great authors such as Melta Denning, Aleister Crowley and Osborne Philips.

The paganism movement in the United States of America gained more fame in the 1980s. This was after Llewelly published great works like Wicca: A Guide for the solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunning as well as Ray Buckland’s Book of Witchcraft. These two books became the text books of reference for many solitaires and covens.

Later on in 1988 Llewellyn expanded into the business of publishing magazines. That is why it purchased Fate Magazine. This magazine was first published in 1948 by the great writer with legendary ability Ray Palmer and Curtis Fuller.

In the 1990s, the publisher produced many titles in areas such as fiction, parapsychology, self-help, paranormal, astrology, paganism, tarot and Wicca. At this time the publisher also expand its business towards the non-book products such as production of calendars and almanacs.

As from the year 2000 to the present, this period has marked great growth for the great publisher- Llewellyn. The company has been in operation for the last 110 years. It is therefore, the largest and oldest publisher of great books.

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