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Lyft took off as a small scale venture in 2012 which enabled people who wanted to travel within cities, to connect with such people who could offer them a ride. Currently, the network has expanded in 30 states and covers about 60 cities in the country. Our co-founders, Logan Green & John Zimmer wanted to revolutionize the idea of transportation from which people of different socio-economic backgrounds could benefit and add to the community. Basically, Lyft functions through its mobile app which allows both the travelers and the drivers to become a part of the company’s network and enjoy the ease of customized travelling at an affordable fare; while, it provides those with an earning opportunity who offer their rides in this matter. There are three different ways to order a ride, each according to the customer’s choice and convenience. One just has to put in the location of their choice and we respond back with a driver accordingly. Both the drivers and the passengers get to rate each other through their respective mobile apps out of 5.0 which gets recorded with the company in order to keep the quality in check for our clientele! After the completion of the tour, the passenger pays through their phones.

As Lyft seeks to provide ease and convenience to its customers all along their linkage with the company, it strives for their safety and protection as well. The comprehensive health package includes insurance for both the driver and the traveler in case of any misfortune while a complete inspection of the driver and the ride is done prior to the journey. We at Lyft, do not tolerate any sort of drug use during the travel so to provide the best traveling experience to our customers.

Traveling can be characterized as a requirement while a leisure activity as well; and, is a service when provided by someone else. A rational person always wants to optimize his spending on any product or service and to extract the maximum satisfaction out of the consumption of that particular product or service. Lyft promo codes act as the catalyst to enhance that satisfaction for our customers! Through the usage of our Lyft coupon codes April 2016, customers get to save a good chunk of their incomes while enjoy the same quality rides. Majority of the consumers are driven by discounts as such offers turn every product or service vibrant. Lyft coupons are designed for the very same reason. It interests, engages and most importantly, saves for our customers!