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The Manhattan Fruitier was established in 1987 with a major aim of making fresh fruit baskets which are extremely beautiful and of great quality. The company was established in a country where sending fresh fruits and flowers is a common thing among many families. The company brought beauty and elegance into the gift business. It also introduced refinement and luxury to the world of giving gifts. Before the introduction of the new approach to the gifts, they were wrapped using scotch tape, cellophane, pedestrian fruit trays and gaudy bows.

Initially the gift baskets lacked a proper design. The company got its inspiration from the still-life paintings from the Dutch. That is the best way to offer the fruits and flowers in a very natural manner. In terms of service, manhattanfruitier.com was inspired by the carriage trade of New York City in the 19th Century. The merchants used to operate along the Fifth Avenue where there were many luxury shoppers. Many of these rich customers used to arrive in horse drawn carriages. They were offered special amenities and highly customized service.

The company carries out the assembly of the gift baskets with the highest level of care. The fruits are sourced from many parts of the world. They pick on those areas of the world with legendary fruit production. They ensure that the company has the best selection and they are very fresh before packing them for dispatch. The company finds summer and fall to be the best time of the year. This is the time when they get the most amazing fruits for their customers. The New York state firms are popular for the production of apples, pears and stone fruits.

The company always carries out the tasting of the fruits. Every case received is sampled to make sure that they arrive at the best results. The gift is created after carefully evaluating the quality of those fruits in the package. These fruits have to pass the taste test. They also closely inspect the aesthetic beauty of the gift baskets. Any fruits which have blemishes are replaced from the gift basket. They are put aside to be used by the City Harvest. This is a New York City company that is involved in local food programs.

The gifts are also arranged in a manner that allows a combination of colors and shapes. A sample gift is that of combining a yellow mango, red Bartlett, orange kumquats and baby bananas. The company also works out the ripeness of the fruits so that the gift recipients can enjoy eating the fruits over a long period of time. They achieve that objective by picking fruits which are at different stages of ripeness. The fruit baskets are then beautified by the use of field flowers such as the coxcomb and lemon leaves or juniper if it is the winter season.

The fresh fruit baskets can also be made up of seasonal fruits such as plums, apples, pomegranates and pears. On request, they can also fill your basket with the less familiar fruits such as feijoa, Asian apple pears, carambola and lychees.
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