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This company is involved in the distribution of a long-term solution applied in the effective control of mosquitoes. The solution is generated by through scientific research. It is safe for you and your family. This mosquito traps solution was arrived after 18 years of serious research on technology. Currently the Mosquito Magnet has a market share of 65 per cent. It is used in residential as well as commercial sections of our society.This is a long lasting solution with high level of effectiveness. There are cutting edge technologies used in this magnet. It was the first one to be used in commercial area by using carbon-dioxide in trapping insects. The trap is powered by propane for more effectiveness. It is the first product to be approved by EPA for the purpose of capturing the Asian tiger mosquito which is a principal carrier of West Nile Virus.

The cartridges are used to slowly release appropriate amounts of attractants. Mosquitoes Magnet.com invented the Counter flow technology which is responsible for emission of heat, carbon dioxide, humidity and octenol. The magnet works by vacuuming the trapped insects into a net attached to it.

Mosquito Magnet has been endorsed by many entomologists, USDA, Navy and Coast Guard, a great number of universities and mosquito control agencies for its effectiveness. The results to prove such effectiveness have been published in more than 36 science journals. It is said to capture a greater number of mosquitoes than any technology employed before. This is why one America’s leading magazine for testing consumer goods has rated it as “top choice”.

If you are tired of using mosquito repellents which are ineffective, it is time to try mosquito magnet traps. You will never look back. There is no need for chemical sprays. They are not environment friendly as such. This technology works very well more even for outside mosquito control. Your backyard needs to be free of mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Magnet works by simply attracting the insects and other biting insects that live in your backyard. The benefit with this solution is that it is long-term unlike the repellants we use as a short-term solution. The short term solutions are not very good when it comes to working outdoors.

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