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This company is a great testament on how a person can take control of her life. The founder of mrsfields.com was a young mother who had no business experience but went on to open her own cookie store in a place called Palo Alto in California State. That was back in 1977. Many people thought and even told her that she was very crazy. They thought that no business can survive by just selling cookies. This was how humble the company began and then spread like wildfire to the rest of the world. Mrs. Fields is now a celebrity after having made her company a premier chain of cookie as well as baked goods.

There are many attributes that have greatly propelled Mrs. Fields to prominence. To start with, she is a dynamic personality who is always sincere and has a great concern for the people who work with her. People are known to play a key role in the growth of many organizations including that of Debbi Fields’ success. The biggest factors that lead to success for the cookies were the high quality with which the cookies were always prepared. The cookies were therefore accepted globally due to consistence in quality. The company’s commitment towards high quality has yielded a lot more than any other factor.
Mrs. Fields started franchising her business in 1990. Currently, this is one of the rarest franchise business opportunities. It is dynamic and above all it is backed by name recognition. Debbi gives you an opportunity to take control of your life as well.
How do they work?
The company is in the business of putting a smile on other people’s faces. They can provide you with one special gift or thousands. They are ready to simplify the process through which you can get what you want.
Mrs. Fields recommends a few items such as: making sure that you always sign your gift message. All the gifts include a free gift card, which accompanies every shipment to all customers. This is emphasized because your recipients will never know that you are the one who sent them the gift. Customers are urged to send the most popular assortment that they have in stock. This is to avoid sending your recipients what they may not like at all. This can be much better when you know what they like. The rest of the items are packaged for freshness. Therefore, if the products that you are sending are meant for freshness arrives a little bit earlier so that you can unpack the products from the packages.
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