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Mwave.com was founded in 1989. It is headquartered in Walnut, Southern California. Presently, they have a well existing customer base in excess of 3 million. Mwave.com provides their users with the best quality service in the market, this is the secret behind the ever royal customers. They can be accessed via various means including e-mail, internet, as well as telephone and here you can place orders and make any queries that you may need to be addressed. Their toll free service line allows you to chat with a live representative who will see your issues addressed in the best way possible.

Mwave provides service to a wide range of customers who range from end users to Value added resellers from Corporate to Governmental and Educational institutions. Regardless of the user visiting their website mwave.com, it can be said that their equitable high quality service gives all the customers full knowledge and allows them to purchase at their will while filled with confidence and satisfaction. They offer all customers a one stop solution, for those with needs in computing, there has been established an unprecedented amount of returning customers which means the service is of the highest quality. This is a trustworthy company whom you can fully rely on for all your computing needs due to the high quality service offered as well as highly competitive pricing, and variety of products from which to select from.

There have been various reason that the customers have always been satisfied and these include the fact that mwave.com allows them choose their product from a wide range of computer hardware, electronics and consumer goods. The reasons can be summed up as follows: Mwave.com has established an online store and this to their customers means a lot of peace of mind and security, they have been leading in the sale of computer hardware, software and electronics over internet since 1995. Mwave.com has established solid partnerships as well as purchasing power that allow the customers get the best deals than can be found elsewhere. Mwave.com can be said to be big but of course not too big, just large enough to provide customers with all the benefits that a larger store offers, but they are quick to adopt and change fast without red tape. They care a lot about the customer and that is why they have set up the best customer care service to cater for this.

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