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My Nursing Uniforms is a medical and discount scrubs medical uniform apparel store. The company uses the services of their manufacturers to ship the uniforms directly to the consumers. This store has its established presence online. They make a lot of savings by avoiding all middlemen. These savings are finally passed to the consumers in form of reduced prices.It is possible that you can save between 15-40% on every order that you make from the online store. The company has established its warehouses nationwide to improve the delivery system. The customers as a result get all that they want very quickly. Customers have a lot to gain because they are the ones who choose the type of color, design, size and print they are interested in. All favorite brands are available for all customers.
The company has a long history as a seamstress shop. They have been in business for over a half a century. They started their first shop across a hospital in the small town of Wilmington in Delaware. Since that time, three generations have passed. All the time it has maintained its status as a family business with great growths on the storefront as well as online.
The company has been operating online for over 10 years now. That is MyNursingUniforms.com was re-launched in 2005. That is the time that it became a direct retailer for the Dickies Scrubs. This helped it to serve over 10,000 customers in its first of business operations alone. The company added other products after two years. These were: Cherokee, Landau, and Urbane and Baby Phat products. Up-to-date, they have shipped over 100,000 orders to their customers.
The company does not intend to settle at the 100,000 mark. The company always has very exciting deals. They are highly committed to great customer service, low prices. That is how they have been able to maintain a great reputation. They have many returning and new customers which is very important factor for the company.
The company is aware that the nursing uniforms have a long history. This also explains the emergency of the nursing scrub. The story was more defined starting from the 19th Century onwards. They started with starched dresses back then. Since that time the nurse uniforms have been changing depending on many factors such country of origin, time period and even functionality. Before 1800s the profession was very casual and only left for the monks, women and nuns. Very low morals were attached to this profession. The nursing profession was only respected after the emergence of Military Nursing during the Crimean War.
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