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The nuvoh2o.com has an extensive experience in the commercial sector where they have set rigorous performance standards. Their products are very important for most homes. The nuvoH20 Salt-Free Water Softeners are very compact and innovative in the process of softening water as well as in the removal of the existing scale that has built up from the water pipes. The appliances and fixtures are also known to contribute towards the built up of scales.

NuvoH20 has a Salt-Free Water Softener that has patent pending. It is based on the scientific principle called Chelation. This principle has been used to come up with a superior product where the experts have come up with a proprietary formulation called the chelant. This is known to bind with the mineral ions found in hard water to make them soluble so that these minerals are easily washed away. They are eliminated from the pipes, dishes, hair, pipes, appliances, fixtures and other materials without forming soap scum or simply scale. Cheletation is the principle that is used in the majority of cleaning products that we have in the market.

The hard water has many side effects such as ruining the appliances, clogging the plumbing system, and leaving spots on your dishes, mirrors, shower doors and fixtures.All those problems can be eliminated using the nuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener System. This system is capable of producing clean, fresh and soft water at affordable prices. The system is easy, safe and simple to install. The nuvoH20 cartridge is quick in attaching to your water supply. This method does not require the use of salt or electricity or constant maintenance.
Citrus Not Salt
In this area the nuvoH20 has come up with the CitraCharge Cell Technology. This technology is powered by citric acid which is safe when it comes in contact. The technology bonds with the ions before they attack your appliances or the plumbing system. When this system is set in place, you will receive continuous clean water for your household usage. If you use this system you will not experience any corrosion, hard water, hard water spots, and other slimy shower, which remains as a residue in the washing areas.
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