60% OFF Organic Bouquet Coupon Codes Promo Code

Organic bouquet is a company out on a mission to care for the environment and use it to sustain the social and economic development of the economy. They encourage all of us to make effort to make a positive change on the world thereby leave it much better than we found it. Alongside every purchase from these retailers, one will have made an improvement on the life of the grower, or artisan, as well as help in the protection of the environment for us and the upcoming generations.

They offer various eco-friendly products that are made up of stylized products which have been carefully selected from a wide variety by specialists with high social and environmental standards as well as practices. Flowers that have been sustainably grown are very gentle to the environment and help to safeguard the ecology, on the other end. The sustainable and recyclable green packaging is highly innovative and very attractive. All the organic products that they offer out are fully certified by third party agencies and these products include floral arrangements, unique stylized home item, as well as gourmet gifts, such agencies include USDA, Rainforest alliance, and fair Trade.
They are a company that is out to maker a real difference in the world, they are fully involved in various projects all over the world, to work best they have partnered with more that 55 world renowned charitable organizations. Their entire efforts as well as projects enable them to do all the best while keeping the interest of their clients and customers in mind.
All the flowers that they offer have been grown in an environmental friendly manner which as well provides various resources to various stakeholders in the agricultural sector of production that include artisans and workers. They have various flower farms in California, Ecuador and Colombia. All the flower farms have a strict code to follow to the letter and this is monitored by various certification agencies and associations. On making a flower purchase from them, you improve the life of the farm worker, their family as well as community.
Their eco friendly arrangements of flowers are inclusive of roses, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, blue iris, tulips, sunflowers, alstromeria lilies and hyacinths. On top of the full line of flower arrangements, they also offer wreaths, nut baskets, gift baskets, gourmet cookies, plants, fruit baskets, and gourmet chocolates.
In any occasion, these flowers will always make the perfect gift for your birthday, anniversary, holiday, and any other functions that need flowers. By having a flower from them it means that you not only care about the one you are sending the flowers to but also about the environment. All of the gift items that they offer are shipped directly to the 50 states. They have an assurance that you will receive the flower soon enough in their fresh state.
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