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Papa Johns.com is one of the largest pizza making chains in the world. Started back in 1984 in Indiana, it is currently the third largest pizza restaurant chain in the world coming after Pizza Hut and Dominoes. They have presence in all the 5 continents of the world and are known for their specialties. With revenues in excess of 1.4 billion USD they employ almost 21000 people across their field of operations.

A Brief History

Despite being the third largest pizza chain today, like countless other entrepreneurial ventures, they started with just a couple thousand dollars. In fact, as the story goes when Papa John Schnatter came back from his college he found out that his father’s tavern was on the brink of bankruptcy. He sold out his beloved 1971 Z28 Camaro for $1600, to buy used pizza baking equipment. He knocked down a broom cupboard in the tavern and started selling pizzas from there.

Although, the equipment was used, but due to excellent quality in the pizzas themselves and no compromises on customer service, he was able to expand very quickly. His pizzas were very popular and that brought him money to expand the business quickly. Interesting enough, he bought back his beloved Camaro from the family he had sold it to in 1983. Some things are just too precious to be left alone.

The company currently has more than 4700 restaurants worldwide, with 3500 of them being in the US alone. It also moved its headquarters from Indiana and now operates from Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Although, Papa John rarely bakes pizza himself now, the culture he laid down still very much supports his values. Their slogan says it all about quality: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1982
  • Started very small with a seed money of $1600
  • Primarily for Carryout and Delivery
  • Emphasis on using fresh ingredients.
  • Franchises in 50 US States

Philosophy behind the Pizza

“Bake a better pizza and the world will beat a path to your door.”  This is the philosophy that Papa John’s started out with. However, over the years their success has been attributed to a range of desirable factors instead of just empty words. These constitute primarily of three elements:

  1. The Dough
  2. The ingredients
  3. The Delivery

The dough is one of the most important parts of the pizza. It provides the base; and the better the dough the better the overall taste of the pizza. They still use the same old ingredients that made Papa John a hit with the public, despite it now being mass produced in a central location and being subsequently delivered to all their franchises. This helps them maintain the quality.

With regards to ingredients they believe in using only fresh ones. Their tomatoes are sliced every day at their outlets around the world. The cheese is a careful blend of the top Italian cheeses and the other ingredients are of top quality as well. This fresh ingredient policy has been in use for more than 3 decades now and they are so sure of their quality that they offer a unique Papa’s Quality Guarantee. If you do not like the pizza that you ordered from them, you can simply contact them and they will send over a new one free of charge.

The Range of Pizzas

Pizza 1

The website offers a very simple design which has been made making the ordering process as quick as possible. They understand that when you need a pizza, you do not care about going through a ton of history first. The quickest way to proceed is to use their post code store locator. You will enter the postcode and it will take you to a page which has the nearest Papa John’s. The popup window will also show the opening and closing hours and you can order for Delivery or Order for Collection. Once you select the option you will then be redirected to a separate page with all the pizzas you can dream of.

The really great thing about Papa John’s is that it will not hide the deals that are available for minuscule gains; rather it will display them prominently so that you can take benefit of them. So, the landing page from the previous section will have all the deals that are currently available. There is also a Promo Code bar right up front for ease of the visitors. At the time of this review, they had a total of 18 specialty pizzas alone. Whether you are a fan of the original tomato and cheese or want something more out of your pizza in the form of Tandoori Spice, you will not be disappointed in their selection.


Of course what good is a pizza which cannot be customized according to your own specifications! Almost all of their pizzas can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. They have a total of 30 ingredients with which the base pizza can be customized. From the acquired taste that is Anchovies and the good old grilled chicken you can have them in single or double.

We have often wondered about the most famous toppings in the US. But, the truth is that there can be no single answer. If it were up to us, it would definitely be more cheese followed by black olives. Unfortunately, olives are an acquired taste. This super health food has been used since time immemorial for its taste and other benefits. Pretty much anyone would argue that the least favorite one are the anchovies, which does make a bit of sense. How people keep them down is a complete mystery.

The all favorite ones include Mushrooms and onions. Both provide a distinct taste to the pizza changing the experience and making it a lot better. Papa John’s uses the highest quality Baby Portobello mushrooms which will take your breath away. If you want to go the extra mile in the experience go for their stuffed crust base when choosing the ingredients.

If you are a connoisseur who has his own recipe which they just do not have listed on their website, you can go ahead and create your own pizza. Just choose the base and add from their extensive list of ingredients.


Classic Sides

The pizza is good and all, but the sides are important as well for completing the experience. They have a whole range of sides available which can be ordered along with the pizza. You have the options in the classical menu such as the Garlic Knots, Garlic Cheese Sticks and even the ole Jalapeno Bites. Or you can order a side of chicken poppers along with any one of their excellent dips.

What is a Garlic Knot you say? Well, it is only one of the most popular sides in a pizzeria. And they have a very interesting history as well, which will only endear them more. So, as it goes a person named Amir Zamani was very perturbed by the left over scraps of dough from the pizzas and he went out to devise something which would utilize them. He eventually struck gold with the Garlic knots. The dough is rolled and then pulled into overhand knots and then heated in a prebaked oven typically at 700° or higher. After that, comes the secret part which will vary from restaurant to restaurant. The ones made by Papa John’s are some of the best in the market.

Or you can always go for the even older Garlic Cheese Sticks. They are also known as garlic cheese bread sticks. But, they all have one thing in common the cheese and garlic. There is no doubt that this is a potent combination which will make your taste buds swoon like a teenage girl. Garlic Cheese Sticks are as old as pizza themselves and have served as a side dish and appetizer for centuries of pizza lovers.

Another personal favorite from the list are the Cheesy Jalapeno Bites. The medium hot nature of the Jalapenos comes in contrast with the only thing which can actually provide relief from the hotness: a dairy product. But, cheese is no ordinary dairy product; it is one of the most prized ones. The overall taste is greatly enhanced by the breadcrumbs on top and fried to a golden crisp.

The last one of our personal favorites from the sides is the Chicken poppers. People just cannot have enough of these poppers. These are rather simple as chicken poppers go, but this simplicity works to their advantage by providing a pure taste. These are essentially chicken breast chunks coated with crisp. And they are served best with Papa John’s dips. We would recommend their sour cream dip as being the perfect match for these.



If you haven’t stocked up on the drinks at your home and would rather order them from Papa John’s as well, then they do have quite a few of the regular ones available for sale. You can get a range of flavors from PepsiCo, which is their primary supplier or you can order Mountain Dew, which is also owned by them.


Cold Desserts

No meal is complete without a good dessert. Their list of dessert contains items from Ben & Jerry’s, along with Lily O’Brien’s and of course their in house desserts. We would highly recommend their chocolate lava cake and their giant choc chip cookies. Both of them are excellent and best served hot. Or, you can go with the classic Cookie Dough from Ben and Jerry’s. It is a scrumptious dessert which mixes vanilla ice cream with the all favorite chocolate chip cookie dough. If you have ever had pleasure of making cookie dough, you will be familiar with the inherent dangers involved. The primary one is that there will be no cookie dough left for the actual cookies. It is really that delicious.

This is pretty much the last of their categories and wraps up the section on the items which you can order from them

Papa John’s is an excellent place to order some good old fashioned pizza. Most of us have fond memories of eating pizza while growing up. It may as well be the favorite most fast food in the US. In fact, the same can be said for the rest of the world to which this delectable Italian fast food has been introduced. Like, what is there not to like about this dish. It comes with your favorite toppings, is super fun to eat as far as fast foods go, it creates the least amount of mess, and is ideal for a movie night. And Papa John’s pizza has a distinctive taste that the other two major chains do not possess. Why is that? We do not know, but there is no doubt that Papa John’s rules the hearts and mind of Americans throughout the world.

Coupons and Benefits

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