Pillows.com Coupon Codes, Promo Codes

Pillows.com is an online retailer of “Pillows” and related bedding material. It was established in 2004, by Abby and Craig Clark as Pacific Pillows. It was changed to Pillows.com in August 2013. They started the business when Craig was called to active duty. Over the years, they have grown organically to become one of the largest names in the business.

The website can be navigated in two ways. The first one categorizes products according to Brand, Hotel Bedding, Specials, Staff Picks, What’s New and Top Sellers. The other one is more according to type and has the products under Pillows, Hotel Suite Packages, Toppers and Featherbeds, Comforters, Accessories, Sheets and Duvet Covers, and Blankets and Throws. Each of the category systems has its own benefits and drawbacks. We suggest that you go with according to your need. For review, we will go with the later.

Expanding the Pillows category reveals 19 more categories. The range from Down Pillows to Wedge Pillows, incorporating Foam,  Memory Foam, and many others in between. The whole category is littered with interesting tidbits about pillows in general. For example, the Wedge Pillows can actually help to decrease heartburn and prevent acid reflux. They also decrease the chance of a sore neck because the gradual incline provides better support than a sudden increase provided by a conventional pillow. It can lead to a better night’s sleep. Compared to that, body pillows are ideal for pregnant women and can help support the load.

The Hotel Suite Packages section is for people who have stayed in luxury hotels and loved the premium bedding. You can buy the packages featured in many famous hotel chains such as Marriott ® and Ritz-Carlton ®. Now you can recreate the experience in your home. Buying these things in packages will also result in savings. The Feather Bed’s Section contains various options in these premium items. They can provide the same experience that pillows provide to your head. The comforters section has many offerings against the cold harsh weather. They offer comforters which are filled with goose and duck down, as well as polyester ones which offer a similar experience minus the allergic reactions that some people have towards goose down.

If you are interested in what they have to offer and would like to see their whole collection of pillows and beddings, visit their well-designed website. You can order all the products online and have them delivered to your residence anywhere in the US.  Shipping is free on US Ground order for shopping of above $75. For specific charges, visit their shipping policy section on the site. They maintain a secure website and accept all major online payment options. If you would like to discuss some technical bedding related questions, you can contact their highly trained customer service via phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them through their Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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