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Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world. Founded back in 1958, it has served the world communities for 57 years bringing joy into the lives of people since its inception. In many places, they are more than a profit hungry corporation. They signify a life style which has helped communities make happy memories around one of the most popular fast foods around the world. With more than 15000 locations in 90 countries around the world, it is no wonder that they employ about 300,000 people. They are also the largest pizza chain inside the US with more than 6000 locations and presence in all the States.

A Look into their History

It is inevitable that such a long standing fast food chain will have an interesting history as well. And as you dig into old files to take out the real details, you will not be disappointed. Despite its gigantic presence in the world today, it had very humble beginnings indeed. It was founded by two Wichita State University Students Dan and Frank Carney. They took a small loan of $600 from their mom to work on a dream which would forever change the way people thought of pizza.

“Money was different then,” Dan has said.

But, how did they get the idea? Well they were both studying in the Wichita State University in their hometown. Dan studied the success of the early fast food chains in the form of McDonald’s and KFC. He was looking out for the rising popularity of Pizza. However, like now there were no courses on entrepreneurship. In another interview he has said:

At that time there were no courses on franchising. In fact, franchising was pretty much relegated to the auto business at that time. Still, it gave me the background to form my own company, and basically our own franchise agreement, which evolved over time. Today you have entrepreneurship classes, and all kinds of different courses that would pretty much give you the basic background to go into business for yourself.

His master’s thesis on franchising was initially rejected by the company and hence, he left without completing it. He did come back after successfully establishing Pizza Hut wanting once again to complete the Master’s program with a thesis on franchising, but instead he was encouraged to teach a class on the subject.

So, with $600 they could only afford second hand equipment, but apparently it was all that they needed. They were able to expand in just a couple of years and in 10 years they had already exceeded 300 franchises. They eventually sold out the business to PepsiCo which retained the brands till 1997 and then shifted it into an Umbrella corporation which manages its fast food business: Yum Brands. Yum Brands also manage KFC and Taco Bell.

However, before we shift out of history, we would like our readers to go through some really interesting facts. Dan became a venture capitalist, but Frank remained in the business and helped John Schnatter found another Pizza franchise: Papa John’s. And it went one to become the third largest franchise in the world. But, that is enough about history, interesting as it is.

Things to Know About Them

Pizza Hut has been responsible for so many different innovations in the industry. It was pretty much the first food based restaurant to work on the principles of franchising, which had previously been only applied in the auto industry. But, we feel that the following things are equally important:

  • The number 1 Pizza Chain Restaurant since 1971
  • First Pizza Company to offer home delivery in 1983, Australia
  • Launched “Book it” in 1984, a reading initiative, which continues to this day
  • First Pizza Company to deliver to the White House
  • Launched the highly successful Stuffed Crust in 1995
  • The first company to make a space delivery to the International Space Station

And there are plenty more firsts and distinctive features, but the thing which makes it different from the others is their culture which is not only geared towards their customers but also to their employees. We have all heard the age old adage to never vex the person who brings you your food. A happy employee means better food. That is why they not only gear their policies towards their customers but also keep their employees happy.

The Key Ingredients to their Success

So, we know it is the largest pizza chain in the world, but what makes people so crazy about them. This can be divided into two things, the overall experience and the pizza itself. Pizza Hut’s business model includes family style dine in locations, hybrids and only carry out locations. Some of them even offer a lunch buffet which offers all you can eat pizza, salad, bread sticks, and even a pasta bar. It has other options as well to serve specific regions. For example, in China the Pizza Hut restaurants are more upscale because the middle class Chinese people consider Pizza Hut to be an upscale treat. The bottom line is, whether you want to order pizza at home, go out, or go to an upscale all you can eat buffet, you can do it at Pizza Hut. They make sure that the delivery times are acceptable all round and that the customer experience is nothing short of excellent.

The pizzas themselves are made with great care. The story of a pizza starts from the quality of the dough. And since Pizza Hut started from Wichita, Kansas, which happens to be one of the top wheat producing state in the US. They were able to track the high quality wheat, see it through the mills and hence ensure that the dough was made from the best quality materials. The other things which make the base special is that they have invested heavily in dough proofing. You will find this process at you highest quality local bakeries, and the fact that they go to all the trouble to do this just points to their continued commitment to the excellent quality that they serve.

Likewise, the sauce that they prepare from vine ripened tomatoes is sourced locally from the finest growers in the US. Next comes the cheese, which has a similar story. Like all their other ingredients, it is sourced locally and their suppliers have to pass their high standards. The ingredients are another story. Most of them are sourced locally as well both in the US and their franchises outside the US. The key thing is that the vegetables are picked when they are ripe. However, it is not possible to source locally all over the world. In that case, they have contracts with premier suppliers to provide safe and fresh produce to their franchises.

The Range of Pizza Served

The Range of Pizza

Let us now talk about the real thing: what do they serve. They serve a lot of things and if you have something in mind, chances are they will have it. The Pizza section is divided into Meats, Chicken, Veggie, Spicy, and Create Your Own. This is great in case you are only interested in a specific kind and do not want to waste your time looking at things you will not buy.

When you select your desired pizza, you will be directed automatically to their ordering widget. It will pop up right in the middle of your screen. Just select your method of ordering. You will have to choose between carryout and delivery. Enter you zip code and it will bring up the locations in your area. Choose the one closest to your location and it will show the prices associated with the franchise. Then all you have to do is choose the pizza type and size. You can place the order. The crust options include their famous pan pizza, hand tossed, Thin N Crispy, Original Stuffed Crust, and Skinny it up. Each of the crust types has its own unique properties. For us, it will always be the Original Stuffed Crust, with the cheese baked right into the crust.

But what if you want to customize the pizza? Is there an option for that? Yes, there is. You can choose to start from the beginning or choose to customize something which is already listed on the page. It will give you options such as choosing the amount of sauce to use in your pizza. If you only like it light, then just choose the light option. You can also add extra cheese to the mix. And if you are a vegetable lover, then select the amount of each vegetable that will go into the topping. And of course there are the crust flavors. What is more delicious than a stuffed crust? It is a stuffed crust with Garlic Buttery Blend on top or even toasted cheddar. This pretty much sums up customizing one of their pizzas.

However, if you are more into creating your pizza from scratch, then they do have a standalone section for it. In the Create Your Own Pizza section, you will be starting from scratch. The procedure is pretty much like the one for their regular pizza, but you can choose to fully customize the crusts and the ingredients. If you like more olives on your pizza, then this section will give you access to ample portions of olives.

Whether you are a meat lover, a person who likes chicken, or someone who loves the good ole vegetable slices, they have options in all the section which will cater to your specific needs.



We all love pizza, but some things just add a lot of value to the menu for a small amount of money. And pasta is one such thing. Pasta serves as an excellent addition to your pizza night. Their pasta orders will come with breadsticks, which can be upgraded to cheese sticks at an additional charge.


If you aren’t a big fan of pasta, then you can always order some wings to provide the required diversity at your pizza party or just the family pizza night. You have the option of choosing from hot or mild and you can order them with creamy cheese dips to get the taste rolling even further.



While the previous two add diversity, they do not add any appetizers to the list. If you truly want to enjoy your excellent pizza then having a side is essential to the overall taste. They have a range of options available as well. From their new Stuffed Garlic Knots, to their age old and excellent Cheese Sticks you will find their sides menu to be full of options.


With them being owned by PepsiCo for a long time it is no surprise that they offer drinks which are exclusively from PepsiCo including the bottled water from Aquafina.


If you want to turn your pizza night into a full three course meal, then desserts are a must. And while they do not have the largest variety of them available, if you want some excellent cinnamon sticks, or a triple chocolate brownie, you will find their options to be quite good.



As we mentioned earlier, Pizza Hut believes in giving back to the community. Their “Book It” program has been going on for decades and has helped educate thousands of people. However, another of their excellent programs is The Pizza Hut Harvest Program. It collects all left over safe food and delivers to the local charities to be distributed to those in need. This program has been going on since 1992.

Pizza Hut is an excellent company which not only provides pizza catering to those who can pay, but its ethical standards and care for their employees ranks them amongst the highest rated companies in the world. Then it is no surprise that we also rate them quite highly.

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