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Plndr.com is an exclusive company which is a members-only boutique that handles times sales of a limited time. This is mostly between periods of 48 hours to 72 hours on the upper limit. They have the best street wear in the market. This ranges all the way from the cutting-edge brands to those products sold at highly reduced prices.

They started with a strategy that we may call ‘the survival for the fittest’. That is what they have always applied to the greatest brands that reign in the street wear market place. Several years back history tells us that outlaws, pirates, marauders, bad asses and Vikings used to scavenge the world as well as the oceans looking for new opportunities. The plndr.com is not like those people, they are ready to share their treasure with you. They have plenty of sneakers, accessories and apparel that they can sell to you at very friendly prices.

The company has a highly experienced sales team which has built great relationships all over the marketplace. This is how they are capable of getting you the best deals that you can think of. This is how the company makes sure that they maintain their exclusive status. They always unveil new sale events so as to keep you excited and fresh for less. The killer products that they have in stock are going at extremely lower prices. That is a way they use in rewarding the exclusive club members. Their credits are quite unlimited at $10 for every new member whom you may recruit for them. To earn that amount, the new member must make a purchase. There are also some cool gifts which come with exciting promotions and additional expenses. All members are encouraged to spread the word to the rest of the world. That is one of the ways for you to get the great deals on a daily basis.
Collecting Information
It is normal for the company to request for some personal information while filling the order form. It is a must for you to provide your contact information so that they will easily reach you as you transact with them. They will require your email, shipping address and name. Under the financial information, they will require your credit card number and expiration date for effective transactions. This information will only be needed for billing purposes and then filling out the orders. In cases where there is trouble processing your order, then, the company will be forced to contact you.
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