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Two Southern California friends went for a trip to Costa Rica after graduation. They turned their experiences into business opportunities. These were Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall. These two friends saw a lot in their daily escapades between sunrise and sunset. These two friends developed a love for Pura Vida lifestyle as well as culture. They had encountered very important people who influenced their direction in business.

In one instance, they had visited a small community in Costa Rica where they met two men called Joaquin and Jorge. These people were peddling bracelets on the street. The bracelets they were selling were very good looking. These peddlers were living in a single room where there were three beds which were occupied by several other members of the coalition.
Griffin and Paul subsequently, asked the two individuals to make bracelets to take with them to the USA when they get back home. Jorge got extremely excited because he had made a kill in his sells. The other member was very eager to offer their help in running the business of making the bracelets. This was a good fortune for both parties. In a short period of time, Griffin and Paul returned to the USA but the friendship with the two groups blossomed. This later on became a full-fledged business firm.

On arriving at California, the bracelets were placed in a bowl at a local shop close to their home. These bracelets were sold out very fast and people started asking for more. The main reason for the great demand is that the bracelets were more than the usual ones. They created a movement in the marketplace. Now Pura Vida is a lifestyle made up of the basic things in life. Pura Vida is a Spanish word which means pure life. Life is enjoyed and celebrated with a good fortune and not taking any matter for granted. This is the real Pura Vida lifestyle. It is simply about living a free life to the fullest possible level.

This business is providing a livelihood for Joaquin and Jorge. There is enough business to keep the family going. They now stay in houses of their own and the business idea has generated jobs for more than 30 members from the community. Currently, sales have reached some 20,000 bracelets a week from a few bracelets a week. These bracelets are sold in more than 2,500 boutiques, surf shops, college bookstores as well as a couple of chain stores around the world.

These bracelets are very unique because they are made of a large number of colors. Customers are very happy because of the uniqueness of their products. It has been reported that, it is very difficult to come across another person with similar bracelet as yours.

Making a single bracelet requires plenty of hard work. The people who make the bracelets love beauty and they have dedication as well as respect for their customers.

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