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RentPayment is a leading online payment processing company which was founded in 1999 by Tom Villante and Matt Golis and is powered by yapstone at the backend. It facilitates its customers which include the residents, property managers, and the landowners as well in making and accepting online payments while saving them from all the complexities of the routine paper work and stuff. It is one of the derivatives of yapstone which excels in this business and provides online payment solutions to other sectors as well, for example, health etc. Since 2010, RentPayment functions through an easy to use mobile app and the payments are processed through credit or debit cards, e-Check, phone calls, text messages and cash from customer’s end while the officials at RentPayment uphold all the processing. The usage of any of these payment making options can get as easy as it can when compared with the routine exercises in this regard. In the last sixteen years of history, RentPayment has achieved several awards and milestones for the excellent and timely service that it provides to its customers. RentPayment takes pride in securing the funds of its clientele and promoting transparency at all tiers of the company.

Rarely, minimal issues of hindrance might arise and kind of halt the processing of business; however, the teams of experts at RentPayment employ every tool and technique at their disposal to resolve the issue as early as they can. Most of the times, the problem arises from the customer’s bank which creates an ambiguity among them but such an issue is also dealt with complete inspection by RentPayment and the customers are directed towards the right path. It is this unmatched customer service which helps them retain such huge number of customers and boost the overall network of the company to keep on spreading.

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