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The shoebacca.com had a very simple beginning, it was started by two brothers that were highly community-minded and hence started a name brand sport shoes suited for low income families and sold them in local community markets. Alongside the initial grassroot efforts that the brothers made to ship large volumes of shoes to various areas of the world, however, a large percentage of their market was the third world countries. Due to the large success of this program, they were highly encouraged and hence made it part of their community program.
The company started nearly a decade ago and realized that they could highly boost their sales by making an establishment of themselves as resellers on major online selling sites including eBay. They successfully operated on the eBay seller for a few years, until 2008 when they came out with their fully independent seller sites where they could carry out transactions with their clients in. Literally saying, they then quickly turned out to be the leading online retailer of footwear all over the world and they offered various types of these products at the most competitive prices. They then fully concentrated on various ways of increasing their production and capturing the market by a large margin and this was through placement, innovative technologies, highly professional customer service as well as competitive shipping processes.

Customers can always shop and filter by color, brand, width, category, and gender. They have made it very easy to locate the item of interest without involvement of much time wastage and input of too much effort than necessary.
Shoebacca.com offers free ground shipping, excellent customer services, 110% price matching, free ground shipping. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed with their highly exclusive and low risk shopping experience. Now the various customers can sign up for the newly introduced shoebacca newsletter so that they can receive the upcoming news on social media such as twitter and Facebook which allows them to get live announcements that are as well up to date.
Shoebacca.com is fully dedicated to assisting both the local and international communities and this is done through the various youth organizations and charity events that they carry out. Shoebacca.com has worked with various other international organizations and this has shed more light on the world. In addition, they have rider cyclers who have participated in international events.
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