Shopbop Coupons, Promo Code

SHOPBOP is an online retailer of men and women’s fashion clothing. It was established back in 2000, but was acquired by Amazon Inc. in 2006. Since, its start it has been providing its customers with the latest in designer wear. The main categories featured in its site are What’s New, Gifts, Designers, Boutiques, Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Sale, Look Books, and My Shop. The What’s New section contains all the new and upcoming products from all the featured designers.

The Gifts Section is divided into gift by gender, price and age. Each category when selected can be further divided into its components like Accessories, Bags, Clothing, and Jewelry etc. The Designers section contains an expansive list of more than a 100 designers. They include all the popular ones like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, as well as some of the lesser known ones such as Taulah and Tamara Mellon.

The Clothing Category is further divided by types which include Dresses, Jackets, Jeans, Jumpsuits, Lingerie, and all the rest. The Men’s side has similar categories which can also be further divided according to the users’ needs. However, if like us you like to browse through high definition pictures of designer items, then a visit to the Look Books Section is a must. It contains all the Look Books from different fashion brands and is a joy to watch.

If you are impressed with their offerings and would like to see all their products, visit their website. You can purchase all the products online and have them shipped to your house. Shipping is free on select orders, however, for complete details head over to their shipping section, which has information about international shipping rates as well. They operate a secure web store and accept all major online payment options. At any time you can contact their customer service via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them through their Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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