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Shopkomen.com is a retail store that sells products for women and family. The online retail store was particularly established as part of the campaign to create awareness for breast cancer and bring it to an end for ever. They also have plenty of accessories and gifts. They organize plenty of interesting events. This is the right place to get great collections, Educational materials and other personalized merchandise.
Women Products
There are plenty of women products for sale on this website. They have tops, sweatshirts, outerwear & rainwater, bottoms, loungewear, headwear, Gloves & Scarves, headwear, jewelry & Watches and finally footwear.
Family Products
This is the section where you can get men’s apparel, men’s headwear, accessories and other products for the youth.
Accessories & Gifts
There are plenty of accessories for motor cars. You can find a lot of products that you can use for staffing your office. You can place an order for a variety of gloves & scarves. There are great electronics, bags & towels, watches and jewelry and even holiday products.
There are a large number of events that are used to create awareness for breast cancer. There are plenty of branded products that can be used in campaigns of various settings. People can use a variety of techniques during the campaigns such as: city specific events, Pins and Decals, Magnets & Keychains, novelty jewelry, headgear, bags & towels, footwear, electronic and automotive products.
There are a number of collections that are proving to be very important in the campaign. Many people have been involved in running for the cure for cancer.
They have great collections in the marketplace such as: circle of promise, passionately pink, Spanish, marathon for the cure, Global, Nancy Brinker Promise me Collection.
Educational Materials
There are many featured educational materials for all interested people. These are the resources that will keep you informed about cancer. You will learn of the 2.5 million survivors in the USA today. The resources are used to create breast cancer self-awareness. They also have some materials called Facts for Life, General Breast Health, Outreach Resources, Questions to Ask Doctor’s, Specific Audience Materials, Support Issues, and Educational Materials Catalog and Miscellaneous materials to crown it all.
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