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Sigma Beauty is an online retailer which sells beauty products and accessories. It was started back in 2009 by two Brazilian Natives Rene Xavier Filho and Simone Xavier. It was due to their collective skill set that they were able to propel the company to the heights that we see it at today. Filho is a long time entrepreneur and Simone has a PhD in Molecular Biology. Their combined knowledge of scientific research and engineering made them what they are today.

However, it all started with a general interest in cosmetics. They started by sending the American products back to their family in Brazil. They realized that it represented a business opportunity and went on to establish a business centered on it. However, they keenly felt a need for premium high quality brushes. They designed the brushes and sent them over to fashion bloggers for review. The reviews returned positive and the rest as they say is history.

They have been recognized for their innovative nature of products especially in the brush segment. The products have been featured on websites such as Glamour and They have also received endorsements from high profile makeup artists including Mario Dedivanovic. He is the makeup artist behind Kim Kardashian’s bombastic looks. They have a brick and mortar store in the Mall of America in Minnesota. Incidentally, the company is also headquartered in Minnesota. They ship to more than 150 countries around the world and have been described as one of the fastest growing beauty companies in the world.

The Products

Their excellent products are divided into the following categories: Brushes, Makeup, What’s New, Gift Sets, Gadgets, Best Sellers, Sale, and Global Retailers. Let us go through some of the categories briefly to get a better understanding of their products. We will be highlighting the innovative nature of the products throughout this review.



This is the main innovative category and contains many of their patented products. Brushes are great, but they become deformed if you try to clean them using the normal methods. But, cleaning a brush properly is essential if you want to use it again. This is even more the case with precision brushes that have to be used with surgical precision to get the exact look. This is why they paid equal if not more attention to brush care.

The Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove is the ideal instrument to take on trips. This small patented glove comes with patterns that will make the job easy and efficient. It can be strapped around the hand and thumb so that the brush can be cleaned vigorously. What’s more it is easy to clean as well. And if you do not like to wear a glove, have no fear for they have this contraption available in the form of a mat as well. The mat is equipped with suction cups to keep it in place when on a flat surface.

Now let us tackle another aspect of taking care of the brush. Normally, at the start brushes tend to keep their shape when you dry. But, over the passage of a very short amount of time they start losing their shape. This is a big problem because shapeless brushes are pretty much useless. To counter this very problem and extend the life of the brushes Sigma has their Dry N Shape Tower: Face and Eyes. It can hold up to a maximum of 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes. This is one of the best investments that any person or makeup organization can make to extend the life of their brushes. It is also a very good organization tool. It will keep them at your behest without having to search in the drawer or tray. The construct can be easily assembled and is easy to clean. If you have more brushes than the stated capacity, you can just stack their other smaller holders over it to keep your brushes organized.

However, most of us only own a handful of brushes that do not require separate organizers. To cover this aspect, they have the Brush Cup Holder. It can handle quite a few brushes and will keep them safe. When opened, it can turn into two brush holders.



The Brushes section is further divided according to Type, Function, Sets, and Shopping Guide. Suffice us to say that if there is a makeup brush out there, you will find it here and much more. They are so sure of their quality that all of their brushes come with a free 2 year warranty. But, the real question is: why are they so sure about the quality?

They are sure because they know what has gone into making the brush. It all starts with the perfect fibers. A majority of their brushes are made from high quality synthetic fibers. They are very thin and soft. This excellent quality promotes efficient collection and delivery of powder, cream, or liquid over the skin. But, since they are synthetic they collect 0% humidity from the material. What’s more the fibers are handcrafted to ensure that they last a lifetime.

These fibers are then encased into a highly polished wooden handle, which has 8 layers of prime coat to ensure perfection. This handle is in turn further reinforced by ferules made form Sigma Alloy, a patented material, which has been made from a secret combination of zinc and copper. It has natural antimicrobial properties and is corrosion resistant to boot. At the end, these ferrules are coated with copper, gold, or chrome to ensure that the shine lasts.


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