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Society6 provides an online market place for all the art lovers out there! The company operates through the internet and was founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall and Justin Wills back in 2009. Society6 provides a brilliant platform from which both, the buyers and the sellers can benefit and a solid opportunity to all the artists around the globe in order to sell their art work. The buyers can simply visit the online store or the web site of society6 and surf through all the exciting art drenched products, be it an iPhone case, t – shirts or canvases, and many others! For the sellers, the company envisions itself as a secure and productive forum which is pretty similar to the artists’ own gallery for displaying and selling out their prolific art work. An artist who aims to use society6 to market his/her products just has to sign up and follow a simple procedure; the company, on the other hand, will upload the same designs on their website while keeping all the copyrights intact. Furthermore, society6 have published all the concerning details for the sellers online just so they can aid from it including the different profit ratios as well. The company has performed superbly since the time it was inaugurated and has lived up to the true spirit of ‘society of 6 artists group’.

As society6 provides a medium for the buyers and sellers so it has to keep its roots strong in order to keep connected from both of the parties involved in a trade while it has done it so far in a commendable fashion! The praise rests with their extraordinary customer support staff at the company who keep vigilant and a complete track of every transaction that is being done. Moreover, following on their mission to engage all the artists from every corner of the world, society6 is available and active on every social media network and also runs a blog to promote creativity, innovations in art, different promotions and jobs.

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