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Way back in 1962, Kaufman Rubber Co. (later known as Kaufman Footwear) launched Sorel in Kitchener, Ontario. Sorel was introduced as a line of boots especially for winters which came out to be the best selling winter boots of the world! Sorel has a legacy of more than 50 years which is still held up tightly by their team. They are the number one choice of anyone who loves toughness or makes a living out of such a profession. Sorel presents the toughest yet flawless boots which are embedded with comfort and warmth from the inside and have the ability to fight off the darkest of winters! All the premium raw materials like leather and wool are intelligently picked by their officials and they are processed in the finest of ways to create the boot. Adjusting with the modern times, Sorel has made sure that they incorporate maximum style and trendy looks into their boots while maintaining the cultural valor and heritage intact. They are immensely trusted by people all over the world as they never have compromised on quality and have always lived up to the name their ancestors have set. In 2000, Kaufman Footwear had to face bankruptcy and hence, the Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia Sportswear. This was the time when additional products like slippers and sneakers were to their list of products. Before the Kaufman went bankrupt, the boots were manufactured only in Canada while presently; they have been outsourced to China and Vietnam.

Sorel also believes in giving back to the society heavily and functions on the principles of sustainable development. It also has a clear code of conduct to follow which binds each of their employees. Some salient features of the code are to refrain from child labor, harassment, non – discrimination, Ethical conduct and others. The company also engages other stakeholders of the industry in this regard to promote and implement such standards. They also have the most supreme customer support staff which promise an experience that their customers would not forget.

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