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The Spirit Halloween was founded in 1983 after the founders made observation of an increasing trend that was on the verge of explosion. The company has therefore experienced a great growth. By 1999 the Spirit Halloween was operating 63 seasonal locations all over the United States. The company also acquired the Spencer Gifts LLC. After this acquisition, the company has experienced a very fast growth. Its locations have grown to over 1,000 from just 63 before the acquisition took place. These are some of the largest Halloween specialty stores on the planet. The stores are always situated in areas of high visibility and high-traffic strip centers. These are always open to customers throughout the year. The Spirit of Halloween is located in over 49 states.
They have a lot of in-store Experience which makes them the most experienced and comprehensive one stop destination. All things that shoppers can imagine are found at Halloween. They have a large variety of merchandise which always creates a memorable experience and visual presentation. These products are unique, impressive and leave you with unforgettable experience. The place is fun and very interactive event for the shoppers. There are complete selections of accessories and costumes for children, children, teens and adults. There is a wide assortment of Décor and even party goods which completes the Halloween story.
Spirit Halloween launched the spirit of Children. This is a department which has even children’s hospital and a rehabilitation centers across the United States. The major goal of this program is to bring the outside world to the pediatric patients that can participate in the in the fun and experience of Halloween.
The program was expanded in 2007 to include the fundraising component. This is to make sure that the children enjoy their stay as much as possible. There is 100 per cent of the money which is raised in the stores all through the Halloween season. This is the money which is donated to the child life departments and other participating pediatric centers. The hospitals also gain a lot from the money raised by the Spirit of the children program. They use it to purchase computers, TV’s, DVD’s books, furniture and materials of art and craft.
The company’s goal for 2012 is to raise up to $3.5 million in terms of products as well as cash donations. There are celebrations which are hosted in over 80 hospitals. This happens throughout United States and Canada.
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