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Photographs is something which have become enormously diversified in its domains and branches over the years while it has always been dear to the most of us as the best of the moments are captured by them, the moments which are close to our hearts! On the 25th of March’ 13, Stocksy was launched in Victoria, British – Columbia as a cooperative which invites and provides Royalty – free Stock Photography. The company thrives on their collection of high – quality stock photos which are modern, relevant and authentic while as per their core values, all of these photo graphs are offered at very moderate rates to the customers so that the cost of hiring a professional photographer can be avoided. As they are a cooperative so every contributor or photographer is a stakeholder and similar to a co – owner in the company while the community of Stocksy gains from the collaborative artistic approach, ideas, vision and creative integrity. They have designed comprehensive payment policies and ensure that the photographer gets a substantial cut for the initial as well as the extended licenses! They offer the fabulous photos in categories such as Halloween, costumes, pumpkins, spooky decorations, family, football, thanksgiving, dinner parties, winter, Christmas trees, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, confetti, decorations, back to the gym and champagne. Stocksy was found by Bruce Livingstone and Brianna Wettlaufer who are also the co – founders of iStockphoto with 220 contributing photographs while the number crossed 500 in just a single year.

They are a fantastic team as a whole which have published every kind of related information on their web site so that no such inconvenience is caused for any of their customer while every contributor can also access the membership procedure with utter ease! Moreover, their web site is a true piece of grace, allure, charm and freshness while each of the photographs posted online has tremendous appeal embedded in it. They are also pretty much active over all the social media networks and miss not even a single opportunity to update their viewers with latest trends and information that floats in the world of photography!

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