$10 OFF Jackson Galaxy Coupons & Promo Codes

JacksonGalaxy.com is an online store which sells various cat problem remedies and accessories. It was founded in 1998 by the famous host and executive producer of the hit show My Cat from Hell. He has worked with cats for almost 20 years of his life and this made him establish this website, which not only sells remedies, but also contributes a 100% of the revenue generated to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation. It is an organization which was established for the welfare of street and homeless animals.

You can get access to all the service and products via the store portal, which is well-designed and easy to navigate. The main categories are located at the left side of the home page and include Spirit Essences, Catify, Play, Train, Eat, Groom, Clean, Read, and many other related sections. Towards the center, you will find their bestselling products. The company information, policies, customer service, and social media page links can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Spirit Essences are a veterinarian made liquid alternate medicines which will help your feline friends in various different behavioral problems. These are ideal for treating behaviors such as bullying, feral cat rehabilitation, Easy traveler, etc. For example, their Easy Traveller will help to soothe travel related anxiety the cats feel. It will help them cope. To apply you have to start in advance, using it 3-4 times a day and it should help out on the trip to the vet or even longer journeys.

The Play section contains a whole lot of different safe toys, which will keep your feline friend busy for hours on end. Likewise, the rest of the categories contain an admirable range and diversity of items in their inventory.

The website is secured by Truste and is also a part of the Google Trusted Stores. They accept a range of different online payment methods including Visa and MasterCard. You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping details and delivery times can be accessed via their shipping section.

Customer service is available via phone and email. They will help you select the right products for your feline friends, along with solving any issues that you face in using there ecommerce website. Additionally, you can follow them via their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a cat person and would like to order a couple of new toys for the dearest thing in your life, or you are concerned about travel anxiety issues, then jacksongalaxy.com is worth trying. You can couple up the benefits of the products with some cost saving by using coupons from Rebateszone. These promo codes have helped thousands of people save money. They can do the same for you.