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Title is an online retailer which sells party decorations primarily geared towards high school events and weddings. It is currently headquartered in Indiana, US. They are one of the oldest people in the industry and have been providing decorations for Prom for as long as the event has existed in the mainstream US. They provide a range of different materials related to parties like Tableware, Décor, Personalized Banners, etc.

Let’s Delve into History

The store was founded back in 1926 by Hubert Stumps in South Whitley, Indiana. It has a very interesting history behind it. If you are familiar with American history, you will recognize that this is the era known as The Great Depression. Businesses were crashing down and few could actually boast high figures inked in black. Stumps had formed the Stumps Printing Company, but the business like all others was down in the dumps. Legend has it that when he was left with only one nickel, he had to make a choice between buying bread or giving it to the church. These were different times and people were more God fearing. He decided to put it in the church collection plate. It was that very day that he came up with the idea which would change Stumps Printing Company forever. He went on to print a Memorie booklet for Prom and other high school events. Needless to say, it was a resounding success.

This is where his association with the local schools began. He expanded the business slowly to include school tickets, menus, certificates, and then moved into decorations for different school events. The company produced its first decorating theme kit in the 1940s. This idea continued developing due to its success and by 1960 they had made the first catalogue which featured all their themes. Schools just had to select a theme and Stumps would deliver the whole party packed and ready to set up.

Personalization soon followed and the company started entertaining request for personalized merchandize with respect to party decorations in the 1970s. The company was sold to Shep and Wendy Moyle in 1990. It has grown substantially in their ownership as the entire setup was modernized. There overall reach increased to a great extent when the business went online in 1996. They have a very successful ecommerce setup which has entertained and helped countless people celebrate their special events with resounding ease. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, they are one of the top manufacturers in the business.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1926
  • First Theme Kit was developed by them in 1940
  • Their first catalogue came out in 1960
  • The website came online in 1996
  • They cover a range of different events with the emphasis being on high school events and weddings
  • 90 years of experience in the industry

The Products

They offer a titanic assortment of products. These products can be categorized under the following main categories: Event Supplies, Corporate, School Events, Weddings, and Special Events & Occasions. Let us go through the categories to get a better idea about the range and diversity of their decoration themes and items.

School Events

Prom Theme

We will start from the school events as these were the things which brought Stumps Printing Company back into profit. This section is further divided into various subcategories for ease of browsing. However, there are five major events that are represented here: Prom, After Prom, Senior Night, Holiday Parties, and Homecoming. Each of these sections has their own supplies and sections. This makes sense because if you only need Arches to complete your Prom decorations then you should be able to see and buy the relevant arches only.

Times were when Prom used to be a simple black tie formal event, but it is not so anymore. Even the Junior Prom have a complexity of their own and the anxiety that some of the kids go through at this time may be even more than that of the exams. Nevertheless, prom is a very important event of the high school experience in the US. Although they may have existed way before the time that yearbooks started covering them in 1930s, the current prom historians have only flimsy evidence to go by. It is interesting that the early proms started from a simple tea dance and eventually worked its way up to the events that we see today.

But what does signify prom today? Well if pure statistics are to be used, the average cost of the prom per family in the US equals about $1200. That is a lot of money. This may or may not cover the After Prom parties, ahem! Depending on where you live, the after prom parties may be more of a private event. But, in many cases Prom is the true point when high school students start thinking of themselves as would-be adults. But, we digress.

They have a lot of themes for Prom. After all, what can you expect from a company which has covered the event in various schools for 90 years! We would not be able to list all of them here due to editorial concerns and the rapid descent into boredom. But, downright the most popular theme at the time of this writing was somehow the 1920s. We know! We were confused as well. But, then it has been a while since Prom. A much more sensible one would have been the simple Black Tie one, but who are we to judge. So, what is this 1920s based theme all about then? It is all about wearing classical suits and flapper girl outfits. The whole thing has a gangster feel to it.

If you are reading this looking for some really interesting themes, we would suggest going through their top picks, which are definitely more sensible than the most popular list on their website. The top three includes Black Tie, Boho, and Casino. While, we love the first two, the third one is a bit of a hit and a miss. The most amazing one that they have was definitely the Underwater Theme. It would be an exceptionally interesting choice to say the least. They have many other interesting options as well, but that is for you to find out.



Homecoming is one of the most important events in fall. Usually marked with a parade and games where alumni attend the events. It is more like a week at most high schools and universities than a single day with fun activities going throughout the week. There is the Homecoming court, with the usual King, Queen, Prince and Princess. All of this culminates in the Homecoming dance.

Whether you need some help with ideas for the football game or are looking for decorations for the homecoming dance, you will find that they have a whole collection of all items related to homecoming in general. Making the decorations is part of the whole event, but that does not mean that you have to start from scratch. Their kits will make the job easier and provide you with more time to actually enjoy the whole proceedings.



This is their second largest section after School Events. If you are looking for something adventurous then you can go through some of their romantic themes. We just love their rustic themes. They have just the right amount of country mixed in them to make the whole event simple yet memorable. But, if you are going for a more formal aesthetic, then their State of Grace is the best option. At the end of the day it is down to what you have planned for the big day.

Weddings can be tough to plan and even tougher to implement without a hiccup. However, it is an event which every person dreams about. Sometimes we feel that a simple wedding would be the best and then the couple can spend the savings on the honeymoon, make some really cool memories.

It is understandable if you do not like any of their themes, you can always make one yourself. Just browse through the different sections selecting the things that you like best. Or you can also use the site search feature, which will make things much faster. Their wedding decorations section has further divisions which include Arches, Wedding Backgrounds, Balloons, Columns, Décor, and Fabrics. Whether you are a fan of Gossamer or like your decorations to be made from Metallic Paper, they have it all.


This brings us to the special events section, which starts with Graduation. Graduation is one of the most important events in high school. This is where the students are finally recognized for their hard work and efforts. If you are head of the decoration committee for the event, then you would not want to leave any stone unturned in making it a success. Everything starts with a simple invitation. Whether it is the official invitation for the school event or an invitation for graduation party being thrown by your friend’s parents, invitations are important. And while text messages or Facebook posts are enough to have friends come over, there is a grace in doing it the old-fashioned way that is non-existent in the digital platforms. This is followed by the good old banners. Stumps allows you to personalize the available decorations in school colors or in any other way you can think of. These personalized touches will make the whole experience pleasant.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties

Who does not love a good holiday party? Everyone has a favorite. Some like Christmas, others like New Years, while still other like Halloween the best. There is always a reason behind a person’s choice, but we are not teaching Psychology 101 here. So, what do they have on offer for holiday themes? Let us start with Halloween. Their decorations can help you with turning the venue of the party into a veritable cemetery or a haunted house. Other options include buying candy and tableware. Unfortunately, they do not have any costumes for the party; otherwise it could have been a one stop shop for the event.

They also cover various other events like fundraising and cancer awareness. However, the real cool thing about them is that if you can’t find anything relevant or are having difficulty in planning the whole thing, you can simply reach out to them and they will get back to you with great ideas based on their experience and your budget.


Corporate parties are usually dull and boring affairs. It is rare to find a company which actually believes in fun parties, but more companies need to incorporate a good culture where employees have a better opportunity to interact in a more informal environment. They have a range of different themes for both formal and informal events. Decorations include fabrics, props, reusable décor, etc.

Is Stumps Party Worth it?

Stumps Party is an excellent place to do your shopping when it comes to purchasing decorations for high school events. They have an excellent collection, good customer service, and above all the prices are quite reasonable.

Coupons and Benefits

If you are impressed by the vast collection of themes that are present in their ecommerce setup, but still want the prices to be a bit lower, then you are certainly in the right place. Coupons were inherently difficult to find, but just like everything else, internet has made things quite easy. Now, you can simply browse through Rebateszone and get all the latest May 2016 coupon codes. These promo codes will turn their good prices into unbelievable ones. However, you need to use them fast, because they expire rather quickly.

How to Use them

  1. Select and personalize the items that you wish to buy.
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  3. You will find the Promo Code right underneath the Shipping information, in Payment and Billing.Coupon
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If you are satisfied with the results proceed forward and place the order.