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It is very clear that great tea always works wonders. Tea has a great taste and above all it has a lot of health benefits to the consumers. The establishment of Teavana was based on a brilliant idea that people can always enjoy high quality fresh tea whenever there is need. That is how they came up with Tea Bar and Tea Emporium. The company had an intention of introducing people to the textures and aromas of loose leaf teas. This was the same period when these people were educated on the various varieties of tea which were available for consumption. That is how Teavana grew from very humble background.
The main goal of Teavana as a company is to be a heaven of tea as well as to avail a healthy lifestyle to the customers through the introduction of great tastes of tea. The company has a very unique name which indicates the experience each customer will receive through using the services of the company.
A lot of research was carried out to identify the teas with the greatest flavors. That is what is available to customers. They promote the best healthy for all customers who consume tea from Teavana. They therefore opened the first tea emporium in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that first step, we have seen over 200 Teavana premises through out Mexico and the United States of America.
There are a number of brands for sale at Teavana. They have a stock of white tea which has been received well by the tea connoisseurs due to their superior and natural sweetness. This type of tea is the least processed and it contains the least amount of caffeine. If you consume this tea you gain from the antioxidants in it. It also makes you skin complexion have a better look than ever. The process of detoxification and body hydration is made better by consuming white tea more frequently. The low levels of caffeine make white tea a favorite for many tea consumers all over the world. They estimate that there is about 1 per cent of caffeine in a cup of tea.
Apart from the shopping by brand, you can also shop based on flavor.
The Fruity Teas
The tea from Teavana is by using real fruits. The main type of fruits used includes strawberries, peaches and many other exotic fruits which will surprise you. You will only be asked to pick your best tea flavor and then your cup will be iced and enjoyed while hot.
Chai Teas
This is a great brand of tea. It is spiced with a combination of ginger, cloves, vanilla and cinnamon. This blend was developed by experts to taste well for the consumers. Chai teas can be consumed with hot milk as well as soy.
Straight Teas
These are the teas straight from the leaves. There is no addition of flavors. The teas are sold in their plain format. There is the black, white and green tea for all customers. In this case, the flavors are based on the growing regions and the processing techniques that are employed during production process.
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