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Title is an online retailer which sells women’s fashion clothing. It is currently headquartered in New York with more than 160 Brick and Mortar stores worldwide. The company was started by fashion designer Tory Burch and represents her specific take on the fashion world. Her style has been predominantly leaning towards preppy boho. Popularized partly by their appearance in the hit television show Gossip Girls, they are rather popular among followers of the show. But, that isn’t all. The clothes are versatile and easy to wear. This makes them popular among women of all ages.

However, it all has a very interesting underlying tale which is equal parts fate and hard work. Tory traces it all back to her parents and their delightful lifestyles. She grew up with 3 brothers and was pretty much a tom boy herself. The family moved around a lot and this gave Tory an early insight into the different designs over the world. But, at those early stages she did not consciously know that she would go one to become a world renowned designer. She went on to gain a degree in art history. Afterwards, she worked with some of the top names in the industry like Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang, before opening her own small setup in 2004.

Things to know About Them

  • Started in 2004 under a different name
  • More than 160 stores worldwide
  • Also featured in over 3000 stores worldwide via partners
  • The ecommerce website can be accessed in 7 languages
  • An IPO has been in the limbo since 2013
  • Great CSR initiatives via Tory Burch Foundation

The Tory Burch Foundation

One of the greatest things about entrepreneurial startups is that they are the front runners when it comes to humanitarian and CSR initiatives. Like many other entrepreneurs, Tory started very small with just a couple of employees in her home. She understands the problems that women entrepreneurs have to go through to bring their ideas to the market. This is why she launched The Tory Burch Foundation back in 2009. The foundation has since helped countless women take their first steps on the path of entrepreneurship and independence. The organization works on three main levels. The first is access to capital. Capital is one of the most important parts of any venture. They help women get the required capital via their program with Bank of America. Their Entrepreneurial Education program, started in lieu with Goldman Sachs, provides women with the relevant entrepreneurial education to further their ventures. Lastly, they arrange various events that provide a platform for networking.

The Products

They produce the whole range of ready to wear clothes and accessories. Their products can be divided into the following main categories: Clothing, Swim, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Watches, Beauty, and Sale.



The clothing section is one of the major parts of the ecommerce setup. It is further divided into relevant categories such as Dresses, Jackets, Shorts, Pants, Sweaters, Tops, etc. However, if you are only interested in the latest offerings from Tory Burch, then they do have a New Arrivals Section which contains all their latest and upcoming products. We will come out and admit it; we have a weakness for Boho styles. They are just so comfortable and easy to wear, despite their versatility. And we have quite a few favorites from their excellent collection.

Their shirt dresses are to die for. Having a blend of vibrant and muted colors, most people will find something special in this collection. Our favorite from the collection would definitely be their Emmy Shirtdress. It is just so graceful and light. Made out of cotton poplin, it is ideal for people who favor the A-line. It may be considered a bit tom boy by some, but we like it that way. We would also suggest that you go to their tunic’s section right after the dresses. You will find the designs to be very refreshing indeed.

We wouldn’t recommend buying t-shirts from them unless you just love the brand name. They have some good pieces but the prices do not add up. It would be better to head over to American Eagle for that. We know their stuff would not have the same designer value, but it would just seem too wasteful.



Who does not love a new pair of designer shoes! No one who we know. They have a sizable collection of flats, espadrilles, sandals, sneakers, wedges, etc. They are divided into their three base collections: Minnie, Miller, and Reva. Reva is named after Tory’s mother. Why do we love the espadrilles? There is no single answer to it. Different people have different reasons and our reason is their exceptional comfort, light weight and absolutely vibrant – yet intricate designs. Okay, maybe this is not one thing, but an amalgamation of a couple of things, but then nothing in life is simple!



One of the reasons, they never went through with their IPO was the subsequent fall of Michael Kors after their IPO. It would seem a sensible decision to make. Their bags are known for their soft leather and supersized logos. But, despite that they are quite universally loved. Most of the handbags feature a simple design which can be carried over the shoulder as well as in hand. There are a few small cross body bags in the mix, but our love has always been with the resourceful Totes. With an excellent color range and superb materials they outshine everything else in the collection.

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