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TouchOfModern-Logo-clear is an online shopping service which provides handpicked products for men. It was founded by Dennis Liu, Jonathan Wu, Steven Ou, and Jerry Hum in 2010. It went through a couple of rebranding earlier on, but the current site was so successful that they crossed the $1 million revenue mark in just three months. The website is primarily geared towards the male audience. About 70% of its members are male, with 30% of them being female. They have processed millions of orders since the beginning and are highly popular on all the major social media channels.

The business model is not unique, but ToMo differentiates itself from the competition on the bases of personalization. It operates on a very lean model which means that the company has very low amount of inventory at any point in time. They directly contact manufacturers and get discounts from them for their members. And it isn’t something which can only be enjoyed by the wealthy. The products available on ToMo range from just a few dollars to products costing thousands of dollars.

The Site Design and Navigation

The website features an odd design, which can make things difficult for some people. While the design is aesthetically pleasing, it’s almost endless vertical scroll can become irksome at times. Another major flaw due to this is that you will have to scroll to the very end to actually use their categorical classification for browsing. However, once you enter into a specific category things become better. You will have options to further refine the displayed items according to price. It is a very nifty feature, which will help you a lot.

The Products

The products are divided into the following categories:

All Black Everything Art Store Fashion
Fashion Accessories Father fest 2016 Sales Under $25
Shoes for Miles Star Wars Tech + Gadgets
The Shirting Solutions The Watch Shop Showroom


Let us go through some of them briefly to get a better understanding of their complete range. However, before we go on, as we have stated earlier, they operate a very lean business model – so any products that we mention in this post may or may not be present at the time you read through it.

Tech + Gadgets

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. Hover Boards, the real ones, are almost at the brink of being discovered. Mobile technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and we feel that renewable energy may be catching up as well. But, this section does not have any of those things. Rather it has other equally significant things which can make your life very interesting. You will find some really interesting cases and power banks here along with countless other things. Let us take you through a couple of our favorites:

Damda Slide – Dark Silver

Damda Slide

This is an iPhone 6 case, but you will find many iPhone 6 stylish cases in the market. So, what is so different about this one? It comes with a hidden compartment which can store up to 3 credit cards. Not only will the case protect your phone from common drops but also protect your cards. We love the idea despite its absolutely impractical nature. What if someone steals your phone! But, it is still one of the best designed cases we have seen.

PowerCube Extended 2.0

Power Cube

Have you ever wanted a power outlet close to your workstation at home or in the office? If you are into operating multiple devices at once, then we are sure you have felt this need before. This is a very compact and practical solution to the problem. It will place the power outlet right under your table. You can use it to charge your tablet and any other device safely. This version comes with an extension wire.

Vision Toaster – Red


Do you find your regular toaster to be boring and imprecise? They say that there is nothing better than visuals to give you an idea about what is going on. This toaster enables you to see as the slices of bread being toasted. The glass is double insulated to keep all the heat inside. It is maxed out at 1450W and has a slide out Crumb Tray for easy cleaning. You can use any of the four programmed functions: Full Toast, Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost.

Forever Spin Stainless Steel Top + Base

Forvever Spin

We will admit it we are huge fans of Inception here. But, even if you are not this simple piece of tech is mind blowing. This metal top can easily spin for up to 8 minutes. We have even seen one which went on for 10 minutes. Remarkable! It is indeed nothing short of remarkable. Alas, this is all it does. But, it is a cool gadget nonetheless.


Tritium Ring

Tritium Ring

This ring is made from tritium which is a titanium metal alloy. It has very subtly placed glow sticks which will provide a small amount of illumination in the dark. Other than that it has a tungsten tip which will come in handy to defend you or to break glass in cases of emergency. It has been designed to work both as a ring and when joined to a chain – to work as a necklace. The whole construct is corrosion and scratch proof. It also comes with a 2 years warranty.

Touch of Modern, or ToMo as they call themselves, is an excellent place to browse for one off curiosity items. You will come across some really cool and innovative products, which will suit your pocket as well.

Coupons and Benefits

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