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UrbanOg.com is an online retailer of women’s fashion clothing from Chino, Southern California. It was started back in 2005 and has since operated solely online. Although they originally started as a fashion shoe retailer, they now have the whole range of women’s fashion apparel available for their visitors. This was made possible due to the massive success that they enjoyed online. However, their vast collection is only part of the charm of shopping with them. Their strength lies in repeat customers, which is sustained due to an excellent user experience. Hence, they have specifically trained staff to handle all the interactions with their customers.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 2005
  • Operate from Chino, California
  • Excellent Customer service
  • Range of different payment options
  • Competitive pricing
  • 30 Day Return/Exchange policy

The Interface

They have an excellent interface which makes the overall experience very pleasant. The website employs a light and dark theme which sets off beautifully against the colorful products. The main categories are displayed at the top center and allow for easy access via a freeze pane system which keeps them within sight no matter where you are on the page. This is followed by further categorization for ease of browsing. Even once you are inside a category there are options to filter the displayed items according to Price, Size, and Color. This will narrow down your search. The other way is to use their site search feature, which is displayed prominently at the top pane. Just type in the relevant keywords and it will bring up all the related items for them.

The Products

The products can be divided into the following main categories: New, Shoes, Dresses, Clothing, Plus Sizes, Kids, Accessories, Swimwear, Intimates, Sale, Trend, and Look Book. Let us browse these categories briefly to get a better idea about their assortment.


The new section is for the most fashion conscious people. If you are someone who is only interested in wearing clothes which are just out, then this is the place to be. The section is further divided into sub sections for their major products like shoes, clothing, etc. If you want to go a step ahead, then we would suggest pre-ordering from their excellent upcoming collection.



This was the section that made them famous and despite their vast collections of other products, they have stayed true to their first love. The section is divided into Heels, Flats, Wedges, Boots, Sandals, and Trend. You can browse each category separately or just shop them all and see which item suits you best.

They have an excellent collection of heels in their display. The colors are vibrant and the designs are fabulous. Each design has its own story and it can be incorporated in your favorite outfit to complete your desired look. Heels and wedges look cool and all, but if you want to go for true luxury then we suggest trying out a pair of flats. Call us old fashioned, but every once in a while we all love to go crazy and wear a pair of flats to the most unexpected places. They have some remarkably colorful pieces in their collection which will take away your breath.



Dresses Final

Growing up we all have a fond memory around a favorite dress, which made you special. It may be related to prom, or a college party, or even just a weekend which turned special. As humans, we tend to treasure items which are related to our past and happy memories. But, let us leave this reminiscent thoughts and talk about their excellent dresses collection. Their collection has some really excellent floral patterns with a distinctive boho vibe due to the underlying designs. Casual dresses definitely dominate their collection. But, if you are looking for something more formal, then you will have to search around a bit. If you do visit the e-store we would highly recommend looking at their Floral Print Surplice Side Slit Maxi Dress in White Multi. You will find it to be exquisite.



The clothing section has all the rest of the clothes. Whether you are looking for a chic new bottom, blouse, or t-shirt, you will find them to be here in this section. The section is formally divided into: Tops, Bottoms, Trending, and Seasonal. The tops are then further divided into tanks, tees, maxi tops, blazers, jackets, etc.

On the other hand, their pants and jeans collection has some really bombastic pieces. Many of them carry original designs which you are not likely to come across anywhere else. So, if you are looking for original designs, then this is the place to be.

Plus Sizes

Many stores claim to have a veritable collection of plus sized clothing, but few can actually back it up. Their collection of plus sized clothing isn’t the largest one around, but it is adequate. You will find their usual unique designs. However, if you do not find the items that you are looking for then you can always head up to Simply Be. They have a much larger collection.


This section contains shoes for toddlers and girls. Contrary to popular belief children can be very picky about what they wear. And if you want to start your girl on the path to fashion from a young age, you will find this section to be full of the right choices.



No outfit is complete without the proper accessories. Something as simple as a bracelet can bring out an interesting contrast in outfits which will make them stand out more. Their accessories section is divided into Bags, Belts, Hair & Body, Bracelets, etc. They will complement the clothes that you buy from other sections.


Urban Og is an excellent place to shop for fashionable clothes and their collection of shoes is distinctive. However, shopping for fashion is never cheap. Hence, if you are here to look for UrbanOg.com coupon codes, then you are in the right place. Rebateszone can provide you with promo codes which will help you lower their prices. But, we urge you to use them at the first opportune moment. You would not want them to expire.