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UV Skinz is an online retailer which sells protective fashionable clothes. The company was founded back in 2006 by Rhonda Sparks to sell clothing which protected from the damaging rays of the sun and created awareness about the dangers of Skin Cancer. Having passed through a very tough time due to skin cancer, she understands the importance that protective measures can take in a person’s life.

A Brief History

It all started back in 1996, when her husband, Darren, was diagnosed with melanoma. However, surgery was carried out and the whole thing forgotten. But, it came back in 1999. His tests came back positive again, this time with a stage three melanoma. There began a difficult journey of hope and rigor. They went for the latest treatments and multiple surgeries, but the condition only worsened. They reached a point where the medication became more painful than the disease and further treatment only offered a 7% chance of survival for a maximum of two years. It was during that time when Darren decided that he would rather spend the rest of his life with his family than in a hospital bed being drugged out and drooling. They had two beautiful kids with third on the way. It was a very brave decision and perhaps the correct one. They planned trips to Disneyland and Hawaii to make memories that would last a lifetime. But, this wasn’t a movie and things did not get better. On 14 September, 2001, Darren lost his life surrounded by his family at the young age of 32.

This left Rhonda very stricken with grief. However, she was able to shake it off with the help of her friends and family. In all this difficult period, one thing which was the hardest to accept was the fact that all this could be caused by simple exposure to sunlight. Hence, she began the research to find better alternatives which people could use no matter what. The major form of protection used is sunscreen when pursuing activities in the sun. While that is a good measure, it has some inherent flaws. It is cumbersome to apply, it wears off, gets absorbed, and some people are allergic to it. This is when Rhonda embarked on a journey for a passive and efficient way to ward of the harmful UV rays. The result was UV Skinz, a brand of fashionable clothing which has UPF 50 + rating. It blocks out 98% of the harmful rays from the sun.

The Products

The clothes are divided into the following main categories: Baby, Girls, Boys, Women, Men, Sun Hats, Accessories, and Sale. Let us go through them to get a better idea about their inventory.



Babies are dependent on us for everything including protection from the sun. People who suffer from sunburns at a young age are twice as likely to get skin cancer as adults. Their Baby Section is divided into Girls, Boys, Sun & Swim, One Piece, Cover ups and accessories. They have an excellent collection which is full of classics as well as some truly new and unique pieces. The colors are vibrant and the designs are plentiful. This is nicely complemented by accessories such as hats and swim caps.



Girls are quite well-mannered when you compare them to boys. However, there comes an age when they just start to assert their own opinions. And this is the time you are most likely to hear your 7-8 year old say: Mom, these are kids clothes. They aren’t exactly teenagers and they still don’t want to be associated with kids anymore. The best thing is to take their opinions into consideration. Guide them to a style of dressing which is acceptable to you and them. Their collection of clothes will just make your young one fall in love with them. They have some truly beautiful patterns and the colors are really cool. In short, this is the right time to start teaching them about fashion.



Beaches are a sure way to get the kids interested. Plus, they are ideal for water based activities. However, the drawback is that they do get exposed to a lot of UV rays. While that is good for Vitamin D production, the truth is that you do not require that much exposure to sunlight to generate the required amount. If your arms and legs are exposed to the sun for 15-20 minutes, studies show that your body will generate more Vitamin D than the daily requirement.

These clothes will protect them from unnecessary UV exposure, whether they are playing in the water or building a sand castle.

Men and Women


Their collection for the grownups is much larger in number and styles than for the young ones. After all, grownups are supposed to be more discerning in what they want to wear. You will get access to some exquisitely designed swimsuits, dresses, and resort wear in general.

The women’s dresses are excellent and have been made to keep you comfortable and light. Of course, like all the other clothing in their collections, they also have a UPF 50 rating. In short, the whole purpose of UV Skinz is to be protected from UV radiation without sacrificing your style.

Blog and Informational Material

The website is full of nice little bits of information related to their products and skin cancer. You can head over to their blog to read the full story about how Rhonda managed things during Darren’s illness and her life after Darren. It is an inspiring tale of bravery.


UV Skinz is an excellent place to buy UPF rated fashionable clothes. They will protect you from the sun and contribute to spreading awareness about Melanoma. However, we understand that overhauling your current wardrobe can be expensive, so we have collected the latest UVSkinz.com coupon codes just for you. The promo codes at Rebateszone will bring down their prices and making them more budget friendly. However, these coupons are highly popular and do not last long. So, use them while you still can.