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There are practically no boundaries limiting the profounding world of Ecommerce! It has mastered thousands of online retail, whole – sales, auctions and several other forms of business models while has conveniently engulfed marketers and engaged consumers from every corner of the Earth! There are millions of products and services that are currently being offered over the internet while timely deliveries are also being made in every part of the world. weDevs was formed in Dec’ 08 by Tareq Hasan, Nizam Uddin and Mahi Khan and is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company basically provides online solutions to members of the E – Business community all around the globe while their Business Development and Relations team is located in Melbourne, Australia. The company provides WordPress plugins, custom – made PHP apps, MySQL, j – Query, CSS3, HTML5 and writes web – development tutorials and PHP related articles. They also design some of the most spectacular WordPress themes which are offered both as free and on a premium package as well! weDevs has maintained a remarkable trend when it comes to growth and expansion while has promisingly continued to accumulate clients from all around the world, right from its inception! Their team is grouped along on the basis of the amazing expertise that they possess and have been able to incorporate the latest development trends and practices in all of their plugins and themes on a regular basis.

Apart from all the superb tech stuff, weDevs relish and thrive on their client – relationship management team who are always on their toes to resolve each and every kind of concern from the customers’ end while welcome every client with great warmth as they believe that it’s the fundamental aspect of their company. They also run an online support forum on their web site where anyone from the viewers can raise their voice and seek for ample guidance regarding the products, services and other technological stuff. Other than that, weDevs has some seriously amazing reviews and testimonials under their belt while they also keep an active presence over the several social media outlets!

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