Western Union Coupons Promo Codes

Western Union is known as the world famous money exchanger who has been making lives easier for general public for over 150 years now by assisting them in their money transfers globally. It was founded in 1851 as New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company and since it has worked to enlarge the economic horizons of the world population. It was Hiram Sibley that initiated the company aiming at one monumental telegraph network which would establish unified and efficient communications. In the meantime, Ezra Cornell started New York and Western Union Telegraph Company as a rival company to the former but by 1856, both of them realized that for mutual prosperity, consolidation was the only way out! The newly merged outlet was named as The Western Union Telegraph Company. With the course of time, Western Union bought small – scale companies and was expanding its network globally. In 1866, Western Union introduced its 1st stock ticker while it was 1871 when they initiated their money transfer service. The company grew like anything for the better part of the coming century! It was 26th Jan’ 06 when the first announcement about spinning the company into an independent publicly traded company was made while the very next day, they announced of giving up their Telegraph transmission and Delivery and their sole focus will be to offer exceptional money transfers. On 29th Sept of the same year, the announcement turned real! Presently, Western Union turns in about $ 6,000 Million annually while its work force is over 7,000. They are surely the pioneers in providing excellent person to person money transfer, business payments, money orders and other commercial services.

Western Union has shown how to keep it! It seems like they have been around since forever providing convenience to their global clientele in all their financial transfers. They aim to continue with this colossal approach and ensure the highest level of commitment and convenience among all of their customers. They can easily be contacted and are available on blogs and all of the social media outlets as well.

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