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Humans have always been enticed by beauty and its pursuit. But, it is only natural that we age and the skin deteriorates, frown lines appear, and smile lines become permanent. Yet, some people age better than others. This differential has forced us to search for the reasons and in that search we have formulated various products. YvesRocherusa.com is one of the leading beauty products providers. It was established back in 1959 by French entrepreneur of the same name. Headquartered in La Gacilly, France, they maintain a presence in more than 90 countries across the world.

Their annual revenue is measured in billions of dollars, with the total number of direct and indirect jobs created exceeding 250,000. The company is known for its environment friendly undertones and following strict corporate social responsibility principles. But, it hasn’t just been a story of corporate greed. The company has a commendable charity arm, known as the Yves Rocher Foundation. Their most recent venture, called the Plant for the Planet, is to plant 50 million trees worldwide.

Most of their products are made by botanists after extensive research and development. Their latest products are a result of their extensive research on the Ice Plant, which is also known as the life plant. The plant is known for its ability to adapt and survive some very harsh conditions. This is necessary for its survival because its natural habitat is the South African desert.

The website features a simple and effective design, which is easy to navigate. The main categories are displayed at the top center of the home page and include What’s New, Skin Care, Makeup, Fragrances, Body Care, Hair Care, Bath & Shower, Gift Ideas, and On Sale. Moving down, you’ll find a beautiful display of their best-selling products and latest deals. Company information, customer service, and social media page links can be found at the bottom of every page.

Each of the main categories is further divided into subcategories. This helps a lot when you don’t know the exact product that you’re looking for and need to browse for it. On the other hand, if you’re aware of the exact name of the product, then using the site search feature, located at the top center of every page, would you need results at a much faster rate.

If you’re impressed with the botanical nature, range, and the diversity of the products and would like to read more about them, visit their website. Shipping charges are calculated relative to your location and order tracking is available in the shipping section. They have an expansive Returns Policy, which means that if you’re unsatisfied with the results of their products, you can simply return them for a refund. The website is secure and accepts major online cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Customer service is available throughout the week via phone and email. They will help you choose the right products and also resolve any difficulties that you may face. For beauty advice, you can read through their Beauty Advice Section. Additionally, you can follow them through their posts via Facebook.

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