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Zappos is an online shoe and clothing company, it’s based in Las Vegas Nevada. In 2009, Zappos was acquired by Amazon at $1.2 billion. Currently, Zappos is the largest online shoe store. In the year 1999 Zappos was founded by Nick Swinmurn, the inspiration behind Zappos was that he couldn’t found his desired pair of shoes at that time he thought of starting an online shoe store, where people can find quality shoes from a large selection of shoes, In 1999, Nick approached Tony Hsieh and Alfred with this idea of selling online, Tony initially almost deleted the voicemail Nick, but when Nick mentioned that it’s an 40 billion industry then at that time Tony and Alfred decided to invest $2 million in this and from there they started later they change it to

Zappos primary selling base is shoes, currently they have about 50,000 varieties of shoes, this shows how much huge they are. They have shoes from top brands like Nike, Ugg Boots etc. They have huge variety of kids, women and men shoes, they provide high quality products on the same time they offer products at extremely reasonable prices. Back in 2007, Zappos expanded their inventory and they sell clothes, watches, eyewear,handbags etc. By 2015, Zappos expects to bring additional $1 billion worth of revenue, currently clothes market is four times larger than shoes market. Zappos do provide extremely efficient customer support as well, if you have any questions regarding your purchase or anything then you can just contact then and one of their customer support representative will get back to you.

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