Summer Gift Guide 2016

Summer brings a huge number of reasons to celebrate whether it is warm sunshine or the blue skies.

Summer is the season where we love to go to the beach and jump in the cool water after a tiring week at work. It reminds us of the little pleasures in our life which we usually take for granted and it stresses upon the importance of taking a break once in a while to avoid burnout. Summer brings a large number of holidays with it. The entire season is usually filled with summer parties and celebrations. This onslaught of summer parties, birthdays and weddings raises the demand to find the perfect gift for all the special people in our lives.

We have prepared a list of some amazing gifts from a broad range to suit the needs of every price range, age and occasion. There is bound to be something for everyone here.

LampChamp – The USB Lamp Socket Charger for Cellphones/Tablets/eReaders


Too often we have wanted the ability to charge our phones from the proximity of our bed. Come to think of it, smartphones are an extension of ourselves now and we shouldn’t have to part with them unless we really have not; not for something as simple and common as charging them. LampChamp is your savior in this mess. Now, you can use LampChamp to turn it into a USB charging station which gives you the ability to charge your devices in your proximity while also giving you a bulb for your lamp which you can choose to turn off without affecting its ability to charge.

‘Mermaid’ Hair Ties – 3 Pack


Every girl has wanted to tie her hair in a way which is not only elegant but also comfortable to hold. The Mermaid Hair Ties is a set of 3 hair bands which have alloy plated metal charm and colors which would match with any outfit including your swimsuits. It is made of elastic rubber which doesn’t break so you won’t have any fear of these breaking in the middle of the day. These handmade hair ties, made in the United States, are made at the highest standards of quality where the band doesn’t fade with exposure to sun, water, chlorine or oil.

Alabama Crimson Tide


If there is something which you have always wanted to give to the golfer in your life then you don’t have to look any further now. Every golfer seeks optimized spin with maximum distance which the LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf ball aims to deliver which has a three piece construction with a high energy core. The finish is durable and waterproof which keeps the ball in the optimum condition even in the most trying golf courses. The aerodynamic dimple pattern allows for flight stability and improves stroke path for perfect putt.

SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Vanilla Crème Sweet Drops


Choosing to live healthily is a choice we consciously have to make every day. Some of the most damaging things we consume on an almost daily basis are calories, carbohydrates and things which have large amounts of gluten in them. Thankfully, we have an alternative in the form of Natural Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Vanilla Crème Drops which have zero calories and carbohydrates and is made entirely free of gluten. Just the addition of a few drops to any drink or food is enough to replace vanilla extract and sugar from your life. Healthy life is a choice after all.



Summer is the perfect time to go on an adventure with friends and family but what adventure is complete without proper food for the trip. Even if you bring your food along with you, there is still a need to cook it which requires you to take propane tanks with you. A common problem people face with these tanks is the rusting phenomenon when placed on metal ring. The solution is available now in the form of Tank Tire which is a premium polymer rubber ring designed to provide cushioned safety while also preventing surface damage – a perfect gift to the summer traveler.



No matter how hard you try, getting a teenager to do what you want is an extremely difficult task. One of the worst nightmares parents face is the untidy room of their teens but there is a solution in the form of DIRTY DUNK™ now which invites them to move and swish or dunk their dirty clothes in it all you have to do is to just hook it on the back of a door and you’re good to go. Parents will definitely find that this makes them sleep easier at night.

Taurus Zodiac Pendant Necklace


When you were born, the constellations above were in a special place which continued for nearly a month and that is the birth of zodiac signs. People born between April 20<sup>th</sup> and May 21<sup>st</sup> fall under the sign of Taurus and have the personality traits associated with this zodiac sign. Now you can flaunt and tell the people you meet so much about your personality just by wearing the Taurus Zodiac necklace pendant. The pendant is made of brass and plated with gold and it comes with and 18in. long gold plated brass chain.

San Francisco: Black Nautical Rope Bracelet with Shackle


Bracelets are one of the best items in the inventory of any girl. These are accessories which can be used with any clothes if they’re versatile enough. Versatility is the middle name of the highly fashionable bracelet made with double braided high-quality polyester cord and a stainless steel shackle is used to complete the look. The shackle doesn’t rust so it is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time at the beach. This is one of the most versatile bracelets in the market available and is the best gift you can give to your outgoing friend this summer.

Create a Space


All of us have yearned for some extra room between us and the next passenger when traveling on the airplane as this hip and elbow contact with the person sitting next to you when flying can be a very stressful experience. Create a Space is a product designed specifically to take the stress out of these situations. It allows you to create your own armrest so you don’t have to fight for tiny spaces and because it is the size of a small book, you can take it anywhere with you. This is the only thing you need right now to relax properly when flying.

Hello Numbers Book


As the focus on STEM careers increases and demand for good mathematical and logical skills increases, it becomes more important for us to get our children familiarized with numbers at the earliest in a way which is not too boring or cumbersome for the young minds to grasp. Hello Numbers book has been designed with the aim of introducing kids to numbers in the form of playful characters. The book comes with stickers and fun interactive details along with an iPad app which enhances the joy of learning. This is definitely a great way of teaching numbers to your child this summer.



Art is what adds meaning to our life and makes it a joyful experience. A home filled with colors is a place which invites us and spending time in it is a blissful experience. This is an acrylic on canvas painting created by Colin Bowers – a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). This is a painting you would definitely like in your house whether it is to enjoy the bright colors or to ponder over the meaning behind the image.



This adjustable Tassel Necklace from Flaca Jewelry is a super fun fashion accessory this summer. The choker is available in three different beautiful colors, two of which are based on gold and one on silver, with 11 different colors for tassels. Every single one of these necklaces is hand-made so the craftsmanship is unparalleled in the creation of these sophisticated designs. It is a bargain at the cost of $195.

Jet Set | Betty Box


Jet Set Betty Box is a specially designed box which has been filled with items which would help someone on a trip whether it is a weekend getaway or a gift to someone who loves to travel. The box contains a Carry on Cocktail Kit which provides you the tools to mix gin and tonic mid-flight, a hand crème with rich ingredients to comfort and soothe your skin, a perfectly bound Kraft Journal which has bold gold foil stripes containing 75 lined pages, a decorative matchbox with 60 matches along with a vintage air plane bottle opener. One icing on the cake is the hand-written note included in every Betty Box.

2015-2016 Dodge Challenger | Illuminated Headlight Surrounds Black Brushed


Often a car is one of the most important things in a guy’s life and he would go to great lengths to ensure that his car remains superior to the others which are moving on the roads. The attachment is certainly more pronounced in the owners of Dodge Challenger. These illuminated headlight surrounds will certainly make any guy swoon and the choice of 5 different colors is certainly a cherry on the cake. These headlights do not fade or rust and add a unique look and style to your car. If you or any of your friends has a Dodge Challenger than it is a great edition to the perfect thing man has ever produced.

A Wallpaper Pup


Pictures are the only way humans have so far of capturing memories in time otherwise time ages everything. Pups are important creatures in our lives and are often considered as man’s best friend. One way of immortalizing this best friend is by putting his portrait on the wall. Pup Art Stores specializes in putting your favorite companion’s portrait on a gorgeous wallpaper pattern which is customized to blend in with your existing décor and style. This is a great thing to celebrate this summer with your pup.

Activated Charcoal Face Soap


There are some problems which only people with oily skin can relate to and it would a great blessing if something could take all this oil and impurities away from us. Activated charcoal has been shown to act as a magnet and pull impurities away from our skin. This soap has been generously used charcoal as one of its major ingredients along with lavender essential oil which soothes skin and helps in reducing redness. The tea tree essential oil cleanses your skin like nothing else. This is the best handmade friend your skin needs.

Signature Tea Sampler Gift Set


There are people in our lives who love tea to its very core and for them there is this special gift which introduces them to three exciting exotic flavors of tea. The Purple Bamboo is best for a bright taste in spring; the champagne of Oolongs has some sweet oral notes while the citrus rouge tisane is ideal for some holiday fun. This tea will make you slow down, play attention and savor life.

Darwin – Leather Backpack

Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot

The world is man’s oyster and he is created to explore all corners of it and utilize them to their most benefit. This Darwin Leather Backpack, named after the famous naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin, is designed to accompany the modern day explorers in whatever settings they may find themselves in. It is made with the highest quality leather with a number of pockets for the man who sees no boundaries and adapts to his surroundings. Apart from being so handy and useful, this is one classy piece of craftsmanship and will certainly set you apart in any company.

Float Necklace - Multiple Colors


The Heather Hawkins Float necklace features a baguette faceted cut natural gemstone on a 15-18” adjustable chain. Available in your choice of 14K gold-fill or sterling silver,  stone choices are vast including aqua chalcedony (shown), mojave purple turquoise, copper infused calcite, carnelian and black spinel.  All Heather Hawkins designs are made in California.  $148.00.



All the geeks in your life secretly love zombies and no matter how good they’re at hiding this affection for zombies, it’ll be very hard for them to contain their excitement when they get their hands on a Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit “ZPAK” branded water bottle. The bottle is suitable for both everyday situations and when finally the zombie apocalypse comes which makes it a perfect gift to give this summer for the geeks in your life.



The French make some of the world’s most exquisite perfumes and it really shows in COLOGNE A LA FRANCAISE PERFUME by INSTITUT TRÉS BIEN. The perfume is truly exceptional and will set you apart regardless of the setting you’re in. There are notes of sparkling citric head along with aromatic heart notes of lavender and rosemary in a base of Amber which have been enhanced with smooth, soft notes of saucer magnolia. It is truly a collector’s item for the one who knows his perfumes.



RIPT Classic Stringer Vest is an amazing gift to give to the muscular men in your life who love to flaunt their muscles while ensuring their mobility. The deep neckline and arm holes are designed with mobility in mind. The neckline is also without a tag to prevent irritation and the thin shoulder straps are designed to accentuate shoulders. Summer is a time for vests and this is the best vest to get this summer.



Kids are often interested in the latest gadgets and fashions as compared to their reading materials from school but this is another part of growing up and things have been like this from a very long time. Most kids like designs from popular culture to be printed of their t-shirts but parents often have reservations about the materials and inks used in the manufacture of these clothing items. This t-shirt, however, is bound to impress both the kids and the    parents. The material used is lightweight and super soft while the ink is eco-friendly and durable. It is definitely a great gift for a warm summer.

City Color Cosmetics Pearl Primer


Looking your best is not an easy task; it requires a lot of careful planning and effort. It helps to have accessories which can make the task somewhat easier for you. City Color Cosmetics is a modern company which understands the fashion needs of modern working women, their latest product – Pearl Primer – aims to provide a smooth eye shadow base which lasts throughout the day. The special formula contains vitamin E to keep your eyes look fresh.

Good Fighters Sweatshirt Dress


Inspiring others is a difficult business and it is rarely fashionable. This sweatshirt by Love Nail Tree aims to marry an inspirational message with something which doesn’t look out of place in a fashionable crowd. This dark gray shirt has cuffed arm sleeves and the size is designed to look good on all sizes and all body types. The back of the sweatshirt is home to an inspirational message which reads, “To the Lovers The fighters of Good We Will.”

Diego the Dinosaur Baby Monitor


This new Zooby Car and Home baby monitor is truly a godsend for the parents of young children. It is perhaps the most portable and versatile child monitor present in the market which can be used both in the car as well as on the go. Moreover, kids seem to love Diego the Dinosaur which hosts the camera in its nose ensuring that your infant is almost always looking at it.



The Talking Shirt is a company which is famous for making apparel which allows you to broadcast a part of your personality without even speaking a word. One of their product ranges is shirts which have faith based messages written on them. “ANYTHING GOOD” TEE is a part of this series which is available in indigo color with a faith based message in black ink.

Vintage Coca Cola Beverage Cooler


Very few things are better in summer than an original vintage Coca Cola Beverage Cooler which looks cool on the outside and keeps your beverages cool in the summer’s heat. Even though the cooler is old, it has been professionally refurbished and restored and will certainly impress your friends who’re fascinated by vintage products themselves.



When something is created by the hands of an artist, it shows in the quality of the product. This Gibson and Birkbeck shirt has hand-painted starfish design printed on a shirt which is made up of 100% cotton. The shirt is contemporary and it is perfect for summers. It will certainly brighten up the office and you can wear it casually on weekends with a pair of jeans for an elegant yet less formal look. It is an everyday luxury item.

Bacon Boxes


If you’ve never tried Original Berkshire and you think that you’ve tried the best bacon in the world then you simply haven’t, it’s as simple as that. Every single Bacon Bud which reaches you has passed through a process of quality control which included the feeding of naturally grown Berkshire hogs as well. The pork Bacon Boxes chooses for their Original Berkshire has great flavor and tenderness, the juiciness just leaves you asking for more and that is what makes it an exquisite gift this summer. This is going to be the best bacon you and your loved ones have had.

Red Backpack | Navy Towel


Summers bring a lot of traveling to the beaches and every trip to the beach needs a lot of items. Most of the items are usually small such as a sunscreen and an extra pair of shorts and a shirt which can be fit in a portable bag. Now, what if your bag could also change into a towel? This Backpack is much more than just your usual backpack, not only does it allow you to keep your items secure while traveling but you can also use it as a towel on the beach. It is definitely a great item to gift your friends and family this summer.

Hoff Sauce

hoff sauce

Summer is a time for a lot of parties and every party includes food. Hoff Sauce is something which enhances the tastes of everything you eat whether it is BBQ or your everyday Pizza. It is a hot sauce without being too hot, the flavor is just perfect. Your host will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and you can buy a pack of three bottles on a discount.

Ziggy – Orange


Usually it is the simplest things in life which serve the best, Ziggy – Orange is a prime example of this. It is basically a small or medium grocery store food container which allows you to put your store bought dips or other eatables on the table in a container which is not tasteless. It effectively takes labels away from the food table which is what many of us try so hard to achieve.

Facial Toner Single


This facial toner from Handmade Beauty Box aims to hydrate your skin in the summer which can become dry and dull in the heat if you don’t take proper care of it. The benefit of using a toner is that it thoroughly cleans your skin by removing all signs of dirt, grime and residual makeup while ensuring that it leaves the skin vibrant and fresh. It also tightens the skin which reduces the effects of aging and prevents wrinkles from making a home on your face.

Chicken Leg Griller and Jalapeño Roaster


Those who’re throwing BBQ parties in this summer realize that the space for grilling has a premium and you always seem to be in a short supply when there is a crowd waiting for their turn. Your friends will greatly appreciate this gift of Chicken Leg Griller as it will solve one of the major problem every host faces on a BBQ party. And it is not just for grilling, you can also use this in the oven as well if that is how you serve chicken legs to your guests.

Coconut Body Cream


The Coconut Body Cream is a moisturizer for dry skin which promises to hydrate it and make it glow. Coconut Body Cream is made up of coconut pulp, butter and cacao extracts – all of which have been shown to have hydrating properties. Unlike many of its competitors, this cream is non-greasy and its aroma doesn’t with your perfumes as well. The dear ones in your life will greatly appreciate this gift.

Skin Water


Dehydration is the leading cause of the aging effects of skin, Skin Water aims to prevent and reverse that. You can keep the portable bottle with you at all times and whenever you feel that your skin could get some benefit from a dosage of hydration, put on a small puff and let it work its magic on your skin. It soothes your skin as well as your senses, the aroma of rose and neroli usually has some very calming effects. It is a great gift for the beautiful women in your life.

Light-Up Running Belt with Reflective Strip


Safety is one of the major concerns for us in all walks of life. Just by being a little careful, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble. Light-Up Running Belt has been specifically designed to make our morning and evening runs more secure. It has bright LED lights to make you more visible to the incoming traffic and the additional reflective strip ensures that you’ll be visible regardless of the visibility conditions. It also has a roomy pouch to keep your important things secure such as your phone, keys, money and more.



Pretty Cool is a cooling product for women who suffer from the hot flashes of menopause. These are a discreet and convenient relief option for a problem which is usually unavoidable. The great thing is that these products don’t need to be cooled in a refrigerator or by any other means before use and because of their portability; they can be used at any place anytime. The product has been made from natural materials so there is no risk of interacting with any therapies you or your loved one may be going through.

Basic Changing Pad


Basic Changing Pads are highly delicate pads which have been made from 100% cotton to ensure that your baby has the most comfortable pad he needs. The pads look gorgeous and they can be changed on the go. The pads are highly absorbent but they look very pretty too. Your friends with a baby will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

EDGE by Smart Cell


EDGE has been designed for the feet of people who have an active lifestyle and are a part of sports such as basketball or tennis. This is an effective support system for your entire foot and it is designed to prevent fatigue. People with knee and lower back pain will also greatly benefit from this. What makes this stand out from the over-the-counter products is that a lot of research has gone into the design of EDGE and it is made out of hi-tech materials. An advanced version of it is also available for people taking part in vigorous activities.

Spivo Stick


Spivo Stick is so much more than just a selfie stick. It is a high-quality product which has been made from the finest materials to deliver a fine experience. It supports all cameras including all kinds of GoPro. The ergonomic grip has been specifically designed for the most comfortable experience and there are three sizes available to choose from. Spivo Stick is waterproof to the depth of 200 ft. and it is fully mechanical so it doesn’t require any batteries for its operation. It rotates the camera 180° so that users can film themselves or what’s in front of them instantly. For the selfie expert in your life, this is a great summer gift.

Solana Wristlet


Wristlets are great accessory for the teenage ladies in your life. Solana Wristlets are entirely made of cotton and they’re very lightweight so they can be carried for long periods of time in one go. They’re the perfect accessory to store your smartphone, keys and some money to enjoy an ice cream with other teenage friends.

FLIK FLOPS Light Up Flip Flops for Girls-Hearts


What’s better than running on a beach on your flip flops? The answer is running in your light-up flip flops or Flik Flops as they’ve been so affectionately named. These flip flips with hearts made on them along with LEDs on both sides, which flash with each step, provide visibility during the night. It is also a safety feature to know where you teenager is.

July 28: Hips Don't Lie


LaPittura Studio has made a name in the world of arts and one of their best offering is the ability to draw your own painting. You can either come solo or you can bring your date along to impress him or her with your fine strokes when you paint a perfect dancing lady. Your two hours will be spent under the supervision of our resident artists who will guide you on every step of the way. All the paints and accessories are provided and you can take your masterpiece with you at the end of the day. This is a worthy experience for anyone in your life who is a fan of arts.

Caribbean Palms Pareo


Summers are here which means that there is going to be a lot of beach time. One of the hot products in summers is pareo. Caribbean Palms Pareo is a stylish piece which has shades of black, green and turquoise in a palm leaf print. The fabric used is polyester which looks pretty and is very durable for multiple uses on the beach. There are many options of wearing it depending on whether you like it long or short.

The Early Years


The Early Years by The Multiples is a great way of introducing the young ones in your life to numbers by skip and pip counting. This is basically a set of two plates, a tumbler and a bowl which is perfectly for learning while eating. The set subtly introduces counting with the difficulty increasing gradually. This has been found to be a great way of teaching numbers to the kids. The animals capture the kids’ attention which gives way to learning numbers without being intrusive.

The Catchie Car Seat 3-in-1 Protector


Anyone who has kids understands the difficulties in traveling with young children. Traveling with children involves traveling with their entire entourage which involves milk bottles, toys, snacks and many other things. Catchie Car Seat Protector aims to make the life of helpless parents simple by putting all the things at one place and safeguarding the floor of the car from food crumbs and toys. Since it is waterproof, it makes cleanups easy. The parent who gets this will be a truly happy parent this summer.

Foxbrim’s Retinol Cream with Advanced Complex


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and it is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available presently. If combined with a decent mixture of moisturizers, it can reduce wrinkles a lot. The formula of Foxbrim’s Retinol Cream is designed to not only prevent the early signs of aging but also to reverse the damage which has been done. The solution starts working from the first day and you’ll immediately start seeing the results. This summer is definitely a good time to start using Foxbrim’s Retinol Cream.

Aida Opera Bracelet


Opera Bracelets has perfected the art of telling stories using beads. Aida Opera Bracelet tells the story of the Ethiopian princess Aida who was torn between duty and love. Each one of the beads in this bracelet represents a character from the story of the fateful princess for example a pyramid charm is used to set the story of Memphis while a pink bead is used to symbolize our protagonist princess Aida. If you want to give a loved one a gift which would have symbolic meaning then Aida Opera Bracelet is a great symbolic gift.

Store Item: Digital Recipe Album


The world has gone digital since a long time ago and anyone who’s using written recipes is just behind the times. A Digital Recipe Album is something which can be used anywhere to access your recipes from a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Once they’re online, you can easily add photos to go with the recipes. You can also create shopping lists and easily share these with your friends and family. This is a great summer gift for the chef in your life.

Black Fragmented Studs


Enamour is renowned for being a highly ethical brand for accessories. One of their latest offering is Black Fragmented Studs. These are plain little studs which are made of some of the lightest materials to not be a nuisance while also making sure that you look your best when you don the black dresses in your wardrobe. All the studs are handmade in the United States using the finest materials which are hypo-allergic – they minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.

Hand Painted Pongee Silk Scarf


Homemade fashion accessories are all the rage these days but finding quality products is the real difficult part of the process. However, not all fashion houses are the same, Galillee Silks studio in the north of Israel is producing some of the finest hand painted pongee silk scarves. These scarves are available in a variety of designs and colors and no two scarves are alike because of the process of hand painting. These are available in different sizes so your loved one can decide whether to use one as a scarf or a bathing suit.

Scales by Espionage Cosmetics


One of the most important modern fashion accessories is nails and very few understand Scales better than Espionage Cosmetics. You can buy a pack of fun and sparkly nails in just 10 dollars and even those who’re not fans of green acknowledge that these look especially brilliant. The dragons are a fine detail which makes it stand apart from the crowd. The best thing is that the design works well for both short and long nails.

Colette – The Parisian Rag Doll


Wiser Toys have a history of making fun products for the kids. Colette – The Parisian Rag Doll – is a continuation of their amazing designs. The doll is a great companion for the young ones in your life and its durability will ensure that it’ll be your kid’s friend for a very long time. It’ll teach your little ones how to grasp things and move their hands when they play with the doll. It’s more than just a doll; it’s an adventure and a learning opportunity.

Silver and Pink Chain Bib Necklace


Necklaces are an important jewelry item in any lady’s jewelry box. Sometime the addition of a simple necklace can greatly enhance the overall look of the evening dress. Silver and Pink Chain Bib Necklace is one such item. Recycled chains have been used to create this fine looking piece of jewelry which makes one big fashion statement. These necklaces are all homemade and which gives each piece its very own unique design.

Super Spinner Swing


Swings are one item which has always been popular in the kids and the modern kids are no different than their predecessors when the time comes to show affection for the swings. Modern swings are very safe and scientific knowledge has been used to make them better. This new swing from Super Spinner is a simple but high-quality product which has been built to last for a long time. The swing comes with all the hardware needed to install it in a very short time and once it’s installed, it’ll be a joy for the kids in your life.

Green Light Suds Bar


Few things in the world are better than being fresh and invigorated at the start of the day. One who’s fresh in the morning is ready to conquer everything which life throws at him. Green Light Suds Bar promises freshness with every scrub. The scent in the bar combines the best of both the world and the sea and the citrus will definitely make you fresh in the morning. The bars are all handmade and are completely vegan.

Bionic StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Gloves


Bionic Gloves is a company which has a history of producing high-quality gloves for a wide range of application which increase the efficiency of the person wearing them by a very high margin. Bionic StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Gloves have specially been designed to improve the grip during golf matches and they’re a great tool regardless of your skill in the game. Better grip comes standard with every swing in the future. These are a great gift for the golfer in your acquaintances.

The BBQ Spice Blend Gift Set


The BBQ Spice Blend Gift set is perhaps the best gift for your life’s grill master. The natural salt-free spices are the perfect way to enhance the flavor of the BBQ recipes you have in store. There are no fillers used, all spices are completely pure and since all spices are packed by hand, their freshness is guaranteed. This combination of spices will ensure that you get a perfect mix of spices for all your BBQ needs.



Tablets have become a part of our lives and no tablet is as ubiquitous as the Apple’s iPad however, it is an expensive investment which needs proper care and handling. Zoodi is a solution which has been designed for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 which protects these devices against dropping and also gives you an option for the hands-free use of these devices. The case holds the device firmly in place while the adjustable straps allow it to be used with just a single hand. This is the best protection for the expensive devices of your loved ones.

Summer holidays are a great time to catch up with old friends and family members and nothing warms the heart more than showing up with a gift in your hand. Often it is the simplest things in life which leave the strongest impact. These simple but thoughtful gifts will definitely get you a place in someone’s heart and to make that space permanent, follow the gift with a smile. Life is simple; we’re the ones who make it complicated. We hope that you have a happy summer this year.