Summer Gift Ideas 2016

Summer is the time of enjoyment, of travel of meeting people and doing everything openly without any constraint of nature. This is a time of intimacy and the rainy days of summer are the continuous source of coolness for the eyes. If one wants to live happily there is an utmost need to maintain relations and find new ones and that is only possible by giving gifts to each other and by arranging parties and by making sure all your worthy friends attend these. One is always confused about the variety of gifts and their appropriateness considering the relation and nature of the person for whom the gift is being bought. There is no need to worry at all; we have arranged a collection of gifts keeping in mind the appropriateness and the time of seasons with a strict reduction in the prices while maintaining the quality which any sophisticated person demands.

Auric Rectangle Hoops in Oxidized Recycled Silver and Gold


These loops are homemade and accentuate dark Patina and are punctiliously cloaked in gold-wire. The material used is sterling silver – which is oxidized – and gold wrapping; the length from top to bottom is approximately 2.5”. It is cautioned beforehand about the color of patina which changes with time but the earrings are vexed to delay this loss of color.

Stay Cool – Wine Cooler


It is a tool used to chill wine from room temperature to 18 degree Celsius in only 5 to 10 minutes. It is the best device for party occasions when different bottles need to be chilled one after the other. It is not toxic at all and does not require any ice cubes. It is reusable and once when the bottle is chilled it remains so for more than 7 hours. The bottles which fit in this device range from 750ml to 1L. Currently, it is available in marble finishing.

Therapeutic Bath Salts


It is a good product to indulge oneself in scents like Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. This Dead Sea Salt is one hundred percent pure which is obtained from Israel: the quality of minerals is highest there. It is purified optically which removes all the insoluble ingredients resulting in smooth and most perfect experience. It has therapeutic powers for skin and muscles and restores the skin to its former beauty. The amount of magnesium in it restores serotonin which results in calmness and relaxation.

Pax 2 Vaporizer


It is an updated version of Pax vaporizer. It has more prudent design and battery capacity 30% more than the original one. The product has a deeper oven chamber and it distributes heat evenly to the entire raw product that you are using. It has a smaller size as compared to Pax and it is also 10% lighter in weight. Pax 2 vaporizer is available in four colors – charcoal black, topaz blue, flare red, and platinum silver. The temperature setting also has multiple functions like lip sensing and auto cooling etc. Pax 2 also has the advanced features like self-optimization of power and temperature. It is easy to use with maximum efficiency. It also has other features like magnetic USB and ten year’s manufacturing warranty.

LuminAID Packlite 16


This new product of LuminAID lights is awesome with thirty hours of continuous light emission and it can be charged in the sun without any difficulty. It can serve multiple functions like it can be used in homes as an extra light and it can also be used for outdoor journeys and recreational activities. The main source of the light is two extra bright LEDs and it has two manual settings – extra bright and flashing mode. It is very compact in size and also serves as a portable light when you are going for a journey. You can attach it to your backpack for charging while you are walking in the sun and you can place it in your bag once fully charged. The material is water resistant and durable and it can be used as a lantern. It is available only for $20.

The Headspace Chris Dyer Activated Turtle Cap Bandana


This is actually a headspace cap with customized uneven designs. Its size is 24 by 24 inches and it has prints all over it. It is available only in $14.95.

SPF 50, Continuous Spray Sunscreen


This spray is made for kids and it provides UVA and UVB protection. The skin of kids is comparatively more sensitive than adults and this spray is made exclusively to protect it. It is designed in a way that it works maximum at all angles. It has one distinctive feature that it is also water resistant. It is available only in $8.

Belvedere Nail Color


It is a long-lasting nail color with different wearing shades. It is free from any ingredient obtained from any animal whatsoever and is purely vegan and gluten-free. It doesn’t damage your nails at all and is easily removable whenever desired. It is available only in $12.

Basic Baby Bundle


This is a gift for parents with newly born babies. There is no need to purchase multiple things separately; this bundle comes with all the necessary things required for different tasks. It includes a variety of things like items to help with sleep and multi-tasked blankets and much more. It also includes toys for brain play and its nourishment and will prove very beneficial for the mental growth of the child. There is no need to worry about the basic medicine products; these too are included in this bundle. This is not just a bundle but a complete guide with tools on how to nourish your baby with care and love without ever worrying to run to superstores in pursuit of individual items: this bundle provides you all.

So light


This light is based on Origami – a Japanese art of folding papers for decoration. This light is also a good decorative piece which folds 10 LEDs with the material of polyethylene terephthalate having six colors; Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow and Purple. This is a personal portable light and you can take it anywhere you want. It is available only for $100.

Moire + Chiffon Vest


It is a black moire vest and it is lined with black silk Charmeuse. It also includes calf-length silk chiffon. It also has a brass zipper and French seaming with top stitch detail.

Site: 1 Speaker


These are the handcrafted speakers with crystal clear audio having duration more than 15 hours with only a single charge. Unlike plastic speakers, the music quality is immaculate which arouses the differentiated atmosphere of the live music. Size and shape of wood give a sense of the depth of sound, unlike black boxes that use bass diaphragms. Wood is polished and this cultural craft is mixed with the modern technology of Bluetooth for the complete and perfect experience.

Catalyst Case for I Phone SE – Alpine White


This case is made for the protection of i-phone with the careful selected material and shape to also maintain the classic look. This case is suitable for daily use as well as for the ruthless and savage adventures. The front and back of the case are of polycarbonate – which is a transparent material – and doesn’t hide the shape of your cell phone. The assimilated touchscreen film provides access to all functions. This case is condensed and stylish but it does not compromise quality.

Sleepytime Cream


This cream is made of natural ingredients without any trace of chemicals. It is a soothing and relaxing cream and can be used before bedtime. The ingredients are Cocos Nucifera Coconut oil and lavender etc. it can be applied on the chest, back, and feet for a good and snorting sleep.

Spiritual Boss Mala


This Mala is beautiful and has spiritual dimension; it changes your negative energies into positive ones and it gives you protection from all the disasters and provides you prosperity. This makes you heart, mind and the spirit focus in one place thus channelizing our energy for your ultimate good. It is made of 108 bead strings collected on a hand-knitted thread. It also contains one Guru Bead; once you wear it you will find wealth and energy moving towards you instantly.

Ice Cream Cone Charm Necklace


Summer is a time of Ice-creams and many cool things, this necklace is one of them. This necklace is made of five classic ice-creams knotted on a silver-plated chain which is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin types. This necklace always reminds you of the coolness of summer without your ever worrying about its melting down. These little ice-creams are handmade and can have a slight difference in color if you are buying more than one necklace. It is highly advisable not to let your children eat these ice-creams, these look so real that it’s possible anyone would like to eat it.

Swim Tee


This Tee is just perfect because along with giving you comfort, it also gives your skin protection. This is far from your ordinary rash vest and it is the relaxed fit and extra length that gives you comfort all day long. The material used is a microfiber blend which is lightweight, comfortable and easily dryable. These also block 98 percent of ultraviolet rays making you more confident. These rash vests are available in different colors.

One of Each Product


This is time and money saving product containing three things: 1 rice cube, 1 dumpling cube, and 1 rice ball. These three products not only make your cooked rice better but you can also save some money on buying these three together.

School Combo Labels


Sending a child to school for the first time is a very daring task notwithstanding the taken responsibility of school teachers. Parents are also worried sometimes about the little things which children usually forget to bring back home. Here is a combination of School Combo Labels containing 32 large labels, 104 small labels and 3 metal tags. The interesting thing is that these labels are waterproof, durable and long lasting. These labels will attract the children because of their sweet colors and plenty of sweet images made on them.

Sioeye 4G Iris Blink Edition


This camera is for streaming lovers and those who play games or videos through online streaming. It contains features as speedometer and Altimeter through which you will be able to share your individual experiences with the community. Most interestingly it can also record HD videos up to 1080p and that is what distinguishes it from the older editions. It has a set of accessories, extended antenna and coupling bracket.

The Air Hook


This is a very useful device for those who continuously use tablets or are always moving from one place to another. This device makes you feel comfortable. It holds your device in whatever position you want, it can also grab a cup of coffee or drink for you. Most people complain about the pain in their necks due to the continuous use of gadgets but no longer when Air Hook is in hand. It is available in a multiplicity of colors and there is also some discount on buying more than one.

Women Trunk


It is made up of fabric which is fast drying and has 7-inch inseam. The front part of the trunk is flat but there are also pockets. There is a zipper along with a snapper. There is an elastic band for perfect fit and for comfort. The trunk is available only in one color which is black. It is also washable in machine.

Fan Masque


Fan Masque is a combination of two things or rather a combination of ingredients that also serve as paint. There is no need to worry about the traditional paints when one is going to a mask party or attending any campaign. This paint will also serve the function of cleansing, moisturizing and removing impurities from the skin. It is available in different colors with the price of 20 dollars.

Lemons Tea Towel


Lemons are always associated with freshness and are often used for the beauty of the skin. In order to make your kitchen more attractive and to make it seem like any fresh lemon, the towel is a perfect thing. It is white in color with the printed yellow big lemons on it and is handmade. Its size is 28 by 29 inches.

Seaweed Gift Bag


Seaweed gift bag is perfect if you want to carry your snack to some place like an office or any other visiting place. It has a good quality and is durable. The handle is made of soft woven threads and is very soft. It is available only for 19 dollars.

Speakeasy Single Purchase


This product is the combination of three things which are Lewis Ice Bag, handmade mallet orange bitters, and Oloroso sherry barrel oak chips. The quantity of both the mallet and oak chips is 1(oz.)

The Blessing Bell


The Blessing Bell is a combination of both sentiments and fun. It is a gift for all ages, male or female, and all occasions whether it be anything regarding fun or any occasion with the emotional play of sentiments. The nickle-plated brass bell means it will not tarnish and it includes a satin draw-string bag for safe storage. It also contains a special keepsake verse highlighting the sentiments and traditions behind this gift item. Inside the purse box is an insert card with the story behind it and ideas for use of The Blessing Bell.

Raglan Halloween Shirt


This shirt has ¾ sleeves. Sleeves and neck strip are contrasted with the overalls. The shirt is available in different sleeve colors like black, yellow or gray. It is available in all sizes only for $27.

Heather Grey Champagne Please Shirt


The shirt is gray in color and is of pure cotton. It is a perfect wear for casual walks and also a good combination with skirts. It has the logo of Champagne and the little crown printed on it. It is easily washable and due to its low color there is no danger of color dropping.

The Bettie Silk Shirt


This is an outstanding shirt with grace and charm. It is made of china silk and has half sleeves. The sleeves are folded on the ends for a cool and casual look. There is a Chiffon panel on the back side of the shirt to show the part of the skin. It is also available in different colors with price only $98.

Amira’s Love Oracle Cards


These cards are predictive of different upcoming situations and are fun to have. The book is also included in the package for the ease of use. There is no cunningness in the process and function of these cards. Different characters or things are printed on these cards which are analogous to different daily life situations. These cards have a touch of magic and act as your own personal storyteller.

Sandless Beach Mat


It is really a surprising thing to have a mat which instantly removes from its surface even the tiniest particles of sand. On beaches people usually bring along pieces of clothes to spread and lie over, others who don’t want sand to touch their body are more comfortable with long chairs but these Sandless Beach Mats are awesome gifts and are also useable for plenty of tasks. These mats have double layer body and are made in such a way which allows sand to pass only one way and not the other. Using the strategy of army – which used these mats to pick and drop sand – these mats are highly useful and can easily be packed and allocated in any casual bag.

New York Strip Share


This is a quality meat ready for cooking, grilling or broiling once bought. It is also known by many names like shell steak etc. But whatever the name the Strip Share has a quality that matters. It is available in different sizes as per demand.



It is a dynamically stabilized wheel with two horsepower and it turns the sidewalk into your desired playground. It is highly useful for those persons who love to walk openly in the air and for those who are troubled with the traffic jams and are unable to use their cars even if they want. This onewheel is designed for people having passion for riding and it is recommended for people especially teenagers and older because of its stabilizing power, therefore, anyone young and healthy person from 13 onwards can ride on it. It has highly functional control panels used with the help of toes and heels.

I Pad Mini 3 Cases


I phone is the name of quality and sophistication. This sophistication cannot be maintained if the product is made ugly by scratches or dents. I Pad mini 3 cases are the solution for this problem. They are light-weighted and do not increase much in the weight of the product. These cases are made with quality fibers and help to protect the instrument in cases like a quick fall. It has all the cuts available for the use of maximum features of I pad.

Korean Night: Bulgogi Slider Feast


It is a type of Korean feast, especially for meat lovers. It includes a variety of things like house-marinated Korean beef. It also provides you extra kimchi and rice.

Madison Pet Carriers


This is a great product for pet lovers and is available in different sizes – medium and large. These carriers make you able to carry your pet wherever you go even if you are going to a different country you can take your pet with you yet with a style. It is also available in different colors.