Top Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

Holidays give us moments of respite and we tend to relax more than usual; our relaxation is supplemented by our friends and family members whose company we like. In holidays, we focus more on personal relationships, and in order to strengthen them, we buy gifts for our loved ones. Although we actually don’t want to, but we have to spend lots of time searching for gifts that we think will truly match the personality of the person to whom we are giving it. We can help you in this regard; we have carefully made a list of gifts keeping in mind both qualities as well as price. We hope you will like our distinguished and unique gifts.

Sole-Fog Shoe Odor Eliminator - Citrus Fragrance


If your shoes or boots constantly smell, you can reduce and kill the smelly bacteria with SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator. Made with all natural ingredients, the fragrance leaves a citrus fragrance. One bottle can give you more than a hundred bursts.

Brown Tones Cotton Ball String Lights


These balls are made of cotton and measure 4 meters in length. If you buy a set, it will have 35 bulbs, but with a set, you will get two bulbs free. The bulbs are perfect for decorations. One set is available for £33.64 GBP.

11/9 2nd Worst Day in America Anti-Donald Trump


It is a beautiful sweatshirt available in four colors – Black, Dark Green, Maroon, and Red. The phrase “11/9 2nd Worst Day in America” is printed in white color. It is available only for $42.00.

Grass Roots Tee (Unisex)


It is an outstanding Tee made of 100% cotton with slim fit style. It is available only in charcoal gray color. The shirt is perfect for both males and females. It is available for $19.99.

LUXE Burgundy – Silk Velvet Bow Tie


It is one and the only bow tie available for your pet. The tie is double-layered and is handmade. You can easily attach it to the collar of your pet. It will be a perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. The tie is made of soft silk velvet. It is available for $25.00.

Air Focus


Air Focus will keep your mind calm and relaxed and it will make you think more clearly and properly. You can use it to focus on any project; whenever you are starting your work, add few drops of it in the water and sprinkle in a room where you are sitting and witness the aroma that will increase your focus. It is available for $14.96.

Windproof Woolen Sherpa Jacket


The jacket is perfect for your winter journeys and extreme winter conditions because the outer part is made of wool while the inner part is made of windproof fleece. All the jackets are handmade and are available only in one color that is ash gray. The jacket is available for $159.00.

Rhodes Sustain Pedal and Rod


It is a set of fender Rhodes sustain pedal and Rod. The product is made of outstanding quality steel which is polished. The another thing used is high-quality and heavy duty Aluminum. Both pedal as well as rod won’t catch rust. The product is available for $125.00.

Cricket Flour


It is a highly nutrition based flour that is obtained from ground organic crickets and baking flour is added with it for high nutrition. You can use this cricket flour as a replacement for the ordinary flour that you use for baking in order to get high nutritional content. It is available for $20.00.

Bamboo Charging Stand Mini


The stand is specifically designed to hold and charge your Apple device and watch; it can also hold and charge any other Android device as well. If you buy this stand, you will no longer have to keep on arranging wires all the time because once placed on the desk, this stand will give sleek look. It is available for $29.00.

World's Strongest Expandable Garden Hose Set


If you are tired of heavy and bulky garden hose, and if you are tired of untangling your garden hose all the times, then use this expandable garden hose set and enjoy. This hose expands three times its original length only by the pressure of water that passes through it. It automatically contracts back to its original position when the water pressure is reduced. It also drains itself and never entangles. It is available for $39.97.

Championship Replica Rings


Three rings are included in the box: St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies, and Boston Red Sox. All the rings are silver-plated to make them beautiful and look heavy. You can add different sizes.

Aventurine Bracelet


The bracelet is made from Aventurine. Different things are associated with aventurine, for instance, it is called the stone of prosperity. It is also believed that it promotes leadership qualities. It stabilizes your mind and promotes creativity. You will simply love this bracelet.

14 Day Skinny Leaf


It is the best weight loss tea that you can find. The tea is caffeine and laxative-free. It is not harmful to your health and keeps you refresh and energetic. It also contains anti-oxidants which fight all sorts of diseases.

Puck U Tee Shirt


If you truly love hockey game, this heather gray T-shirt is perfect for you. It shows your passion for hockey and at the same time keeps you comfortable and relaxed. It is available for $16.00.

4 Pcs White Round Pattern Cake Mold


It is a stunning cake pattern mold which you can use to make cakes with different designs. With the help of this mold, there is no need to go to bakeries in search of specific cakes. You can make birthday cakes at your own home.

XJ 3 x Liquid Offer


Now you can buy three liquid bottles only for £30.00. You can choose from many flavors like Lime Juice, Juicy Melon, and Icy apple etc. You can also choose nicotine strength.

Benchmade Mini Griptillian OD Green Serr


It is a very practical knife made of steel and has a manual opening. The length of the blade is 2.91”, and its thickness is 0.100”. The weight of the knife is 2.81 oz. It is available for $102.00.

Rearviz Jersey


It is an outstanding Top with protective material for rugby players. It is made of high-quality fabric and is suitable for both sexes. It has an adjustable front zipper. It is made of 100% polyester. It is available in two sizes – small and medium. You can get it for $74.95 AUD.

Oliver Stone - Charles Gift Box


It is an outstanding and elegant gift box which includes a tie, an artificial rose, a handkerchief, and two studs. The box is available for $99.00.

Simply Gorgeous Vanilla Cream


The cream is designed specifically for children and contains natural ingredients. The vanilla fragrance is so sweet. The cream contains no chemicals. The ingredients used in this cream are glycerin, aqua, sodium stearate etc. It is available for £3.

Little Blossom Baby Milestone Cards


It is a beautiful collection of baby milestone cards with the birth announcement, weeks, months and years. You can mark on these cards when your child smiled for the first time, when he crawled or walked for the first time or when he sat up for the first time. It is available only for $35.00.

The Rugged A5 Notebook


The first thing that you will notice in this notebook is its rugged leather cover which is of the highest quality. The notebook contains A5 papers which are also of highest quality. The notebook is very portable and you can carry it anywhere you like. You can also use it for office work. The interesting thing is that it has simple binding and you can have infinite refills. It is available for   $39.00.

Cats Rock T-Shirt


It is a beautiful T-shirt that features a beautiful print of cat on the front side. The shape of the cat is inspired by the cats depicted in ancient Egypt. It is available in different sizes and different colors.

Aaron's Crazy Thinking Putty


It is a heat sensitive hyper color thinking putty which turns from red to cream color with the heat of your hands. You can sit in front of a fire and enjoy this candy cane thinking putty all night long. It is available for $11.00.

A Donkey, a Turkey and Me


It is an e-book version of the book “A Donkey, A Turkey and Me”. The book depicts a rural and family life seen through the eyes of a small child. The book beautifully depicts the purely rural moments, and you will find determination and curiosity in the story of this book.

Foam Rubber Hammer


The hammer is specifically designed to be used on the stage or on the screen where a true hammer will be too dangerous to use. You can hit someone with this hammer without any harm.

Beachin' Box 2 Pack


If you want to give your dog a treat, buy this box which includes 36 treats. The interesting thing is that you can choose from 15 different flavors. If you don’t have a dog, buy this package for a dog loving family as a gift. You can get a one-time subscription as well as long term subscription. The package is available only for $16.50.



It is a beautiful fox mask that will fit comfortably on your head; it also has an adjustable headband for perfect fit. The fox face is printed on the 100% recycled card. It is also laminated for strength and durability. The mask is perfect for festivals as well as parties. It is available for £16.75.

Aasha (Hope)


Lame white socks are of no use when you are hoping for footsie. These socks are stunningly beautiful and are handmade. The material is acrylic and nylon. The socks are available in 7 different sizes. As all the socks are handmade, the pattern may vary slightly.

Natural Deodorant Sampler Pack


One size never fits all and that is why we offer three deodorant formulas. This pack contains 3 textures and 2 scents which you can try until you find the one that works best for you. Go from moderate coverage to heavy duty protection day or night. Or, use lighter protection in the winter and the high-powered one in the summer when you need it most. The pack is available for only $ 25.00.

Pencils with Eraser Tops


One pack contains twelve unsharpened pencils with a rubber top, and you will get 12 packs in this set. The pencils are made of high-quality woods and the core is genuine graphite. The top erasers are 100% non-toxic. The pencils can be used for multi-purposes – you can give these pencils to someone as a gift, you can use these at home or in the school. One set is available only for $17.99.

Astroscan Millennium Telescope


If astronomy is your hobby, then this telescope is perfect for you. It gives you a sharp view of the universe. It has a large aperture of 114mm. it isn’t very difficult to use; you can easily understand the manual. The telescope is highly portable. The best thing is that it also has two years warranty. It is available for $219.00.

Blame it All on My Roots


It is a white-colored crewneck T-shirt with red sleeves. The Tee will look perfect if you are pairing it with jeans or skirt. The Tee has four different sizes – small, medium, large and XL. It is available for $.30.00.



It is a beautiful backpack with approximate thickness ¼ inches. If you expand the bag, it will have a length of 15 inches and height of 19.5 inches. The bag is very strong and can carry up to 35 lbs. it is available for $19.99.

Ronica Baby Memory Book


It is a beautiful book which you can use to preserve the memories of your baby forever. The book has caption prompts as well as spaces for photos. The book has 60 different colored pages joined together by ring binding. The ink that is used on the pages is non-toxic and vegetable-based; it won’t harm your baby. It is available only for $34.00.

Super Chunky 100% Merino Wool


This outstanding quality wool is softest and finest. It is Australian Merino sheep wool and is available in 23 different colors. The wool wouldn’t irritate your skin in any way. The wool is hypoallergenic and antibacterial; it will keep you warm and safe. The weight of one ball is 2lbs.

Beige Textured Cotton


It is a beautiful cream-colored tie made of 100% cotton. The width of the tie is 2.75 inches and its length is 60 inches. The tie has textured microfiber which is functional as well; you can wipe clean the screen of your mobile with the help of this tie, or you can remove smudges from your glasses. It is available for $29.99.

Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker


This beautiful coffee maker is simple but efficient. It has a glass pitcher with tri-level stainless steel filter which makes the best ever coffee. The coffee maker can make 8 full cups of coffee at one time. A bonus stainless steel coffee scoop is also included in the package. It is available only for $24.95.

Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook & Doll


It is a storybook and a doll that is designed specifically to improve the sleep patterns of children. There are two lights in the doll – red and green. You can set the alarm and when the light turns green, the child will have to sleep and when the light will turn green, he will have to wake up. The doll is also very easy to carry; you can take it anywhere you want. It is available for $49.99.

Hayabusa Legacy Hat


The hat is available in three colors – black, red and white. The cap has a flexible and adjustable back; it fits comfortably and retains its original position. The hat also contains moisture treated sweat band. It is available for $34.99.

Pary Necklace


It is a highly polished stainless steel necklace and features amber crystal from Swarovski. The length of the necklace is 16” and its color is beige. The crystal is hundred percent authentic. It is available for $20.00.

Asian Fusion


A print of a dynamic watercolor/drawing done in an Asian flavor. It is reminiscent of cherry blossoms and makes a great accent piece. Print comes in a variety of sizes and surfaces. A 12 x18” print is $125.

Oval Patterned Acrylic Monogrammed Hook Back


It is a monogrammed bangle with the hooked bangle. It has an oval shape, which keeps the monogram at the top and in the center. It has a hook clasp and thus it is very easy to take it on and off. It is available only in $32.00.

4-Pack Girl


These covers are made of three layered waterproof material. Three different layers are made from three different materials. The bottom layer is polyurethane; the middle layer is cotton, while the top layer is cotton and polyester blend. The covers are lined with elastic for a perfect fit.

Danger Contains Male Milk Coffee Mug


It is a beautiful yellow cup with black print on it. The writing on the print may seem awkward, but it will surely make you look different and unique. It is a ceramic coffee mug; you can use it for tea as well. You can use two discount codes for this product: BLACK20 and Roast10; the former runs from 25-112016 to 28-11-2016, while the latter runs all year long.

Romantic Kisses


These romantic kisses cards will ignite your love for your beloved. The cards come in a sleek black box; you can choose one card from the box and it will tell you where to kiss – like hand-kiss, trail-kiss, and woodpecker kiss. You can hide the cards randomly in the house, and you can find one before going to the office in the morning. This gift will last forever.

Skin-Restoring Anti-Aging Body Lotion


It is an outstanding skin-restoring and anti-aging body lotion which is made by combining food hemp, Argan oil, and 11 other natural components. This lotion rejuvenates your skin and restores it to natural beauty. The lotion also contains vitamins, essential oils, and anti-oxidants which help fight environmental pollution. The lotion is easy to use and absorbs easily into your skin.

The Perfect Man Handmade Soap


The main notes of the soap are Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon. The middle notes are peppercorn, ginger, and jasmine. This soap is made completely of natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and cocoa butter etc. All soaps are handmade, and therefore unique. It is available in $6.50.

Kurt Tote


This tote bag has digital prints over it with multiple vibrant colors. The bag has a handle and its length is 19.5″. The bag has a zip closure on the top. The material used is polyester. The bag also has one separate pocket.

Exclusive Limited Edition Premium Kemi T-shirt


It is a beautiful gray-colored shirt, with a portrait on the front side. It is a short sleeve crew-neck T-shirt with taped neck and shoulders. Bottom hems and sleeves are double-stitched. It is available in £54.99.

Ellie Black Bodysuit


It is a knitted black bodysuit which completes your look. You can use this dress when going on a fun night out. The suit features stunning lace-up top. It is available in $23.00.

Heart Lock and Key Keychain


The product features two key chains: one is a heart, and second is a key. “I Love You” is written at both heart and key. You can use it yourself or give it to someone as a gift.

Old Dutch Twin Pack - Onion and Garlic


You will fall in love with this twin pack onion and garlic chips. For ages, it was a favorite choice of Canadian chips fanatics. Chips come in a box that has two separate packets; this way you can enjoy as well as maintain the freshness.

Delock Cable Tie Installation Tool


This cable tie installation tool will help you tighten the cable and it can also be used for cutting overlaying strap. It is suitable for those cables that are 2.4 to 4.8 mm wide. The tool works only for plastic cable ties.