Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Valentine’s Day is a day which has been come to be associated with love, and somehow that love can only be expressed in candlelit expensive dinners and chocolates; i.e. if the media is to be believed. What is it then, all a gimmick of the greedy giants to capitalize on all things dearest to us!

How did it begin? What is its source? There are many theories, legends, and stories. The most popular of them is that it began with St. Valentine, who used to perform marriages for Roman soldiers because they were forbidden to marry. The first Valentine letter is supposed to have been written by St. Valentine himself, before his execution, to the daughter of his jailer Astorius. She was cured of blindness and it was a miracle. So, just before his execution St. Valentine wrote her a letter ending with “Your Valentine”.

The unfortunate part is that all of this cannot be proven by history. The closest things that can be found are the sacrifices of Saints, who were collectively called Valentines. Its association with love is even more recent and claimed by English nobility in the 18th century.

Or perhaps, some would go even before Christ to find its origins in Lupercalia, which was a holiday celebrated by Romans from 13-15th of February and was devoted to fertility and love. This holiday was abolished in the 5th century. However, once again the history is murky at best, on any association with Valentine’s Day.

The cards associated with it were usually handwritten at first, but, businesses started to capitalize and you rarely find a handwritten card these days.

However, we say whatever its origins, is it really important to trace the origins, when what you have now is a beautiful concept, which revolves around showing affection to loved ones. We would stand against any commercialization of love and concepts like a box of mountain high priced chocolates is the only way to express it.

But, you of course are not here to go over our highly boring attempt at discussing possible historical backgrounds. You are here to look at our list of Top Valentine’s Day gifts. We have once again done the research for you and bring you our very best:

Heart Marshmallow Melts {8pc}


Sweet people deserve sweet sweets and marshmallows are the epitome of something special. Light, sweet and yummy, they are good for decorating your hot chocolate or eaten alone in front a fireside. We definitely recommend eating it with someone special. What if we told you that there are heart shaped Marshmallows that you can put in the hot chocolate of the person you love? Amazing, right! And these are handmade from cane sugar with no gluten or preservatives.



Winters can be tough and humid or they can be dry and extremely cold. It all depends on where you live. But, if you have been plagued by humidity and a musty smell, then this room deodorizer and dehumidifier, is one of the coolest thing you can own. Relatively cheap when compared to the expensive systems, it will work if you put it in a room of up to 100 sq. ft. Place them in your room, bathroom, even cupboards, and once a month lay them out in the sunlight to increase efficiency.

Classic Silhouette Dog Treat Jar


If you have ever had a canine friend around, then you will know how much they love treats. And the fact is that we love giving it to them. But, the process would be more fun if you did not have to take them out of the inside cupboard where they are placed. Have no qualms, because this jar will be a cool way to keep them at your kitchen top. What’s more you can personalize it in quite a few ways. You can select the silhouette and have your canine friend’s name written over it.



If you are someone who loves Finding Nemo and using heat pads to relax or have the unfortunate experience of having a strain, then you will love Mumsy. It is microwaveable heating pad made of corn and cotton, which will help you get relief from pain and sore muscles. You can put it in the microwave and heat it up to relax or you can put it in the freezer to use in reducing swelling. And if you suffer from cold feet, then your partner will appreciate it as well.

Between me and you – A few things I’ve been meaning to ask


Everyone does not have a very expressive nature. We may love someone and still yet be unable to express it in words. Although, love always shows in actions, and actions are louder than words; sometimes words are the thing that the other person needs most. So, for all the people who always mean to ask, but never come round to it, this is the best solution to your problem. This journal asks the questions for you. The bonus point is that you will get written answers when your loved one gives hands it back.



There is a grace in sterling silver, which just cannot be found even in gold. The products are as life long as those made out of gold, yet only a few people can truly understand the beauty. This flower cross bracelet reminds you of centuries gone by. It flowery patter adds to the mystery of the construct, but its “cross” features allude to a power within it. There is an aura in every piece of jewelry. Although, much of it comes from how we perceive it.



Some people are more prone to getting eye circles and puffiness. They look horrible making you look like an ill dressed panda and not the cute one. The best thing would be to take in more fluids and have better sleeping habits. But, managing a career comes at a cost. So, go for the next best thing: an organic eye cream, which will provide the right amount of vitamins and antioxidants to your skin to make it look better and recover from the debilitating effects of your habits.



We will be honest; this idea has left us speechless. It is downright one of the best gifts that we have come across. 10 points to whoever actually thought this up. What is this, you ask? Well it is a red potato that will be mailed to your loved one, so that they know how much you love them. Flowers and chocolates are too overrated and a smile is the real thing we are after, especially when we love someone. This is sure to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

Toscano Red (Dark Chocolate with Cherries, Strawberries, and Raspberries) by Amedei


So, were you wondering why you had not seen chocolates on our list yet? Well, now you have. And these aren’t just any chocolates. They are one of the most beneficial ones yet. The dark chocolate will boost your serotonin levels, making you feel happier. On the other hand, the cherries, strawberries, and raspberries, will provide your body with a substantial amount of antioxidants and vitamins. They are yummy and will help in keeping your healthy.



Many cultures and religions believe in the evil eye. Hence, many talismans also exist to counter this fell curse. To help you understand, the evil eye is a curse which comes from a malevolent stare of a person or being. Beautiful people and children are most prone to it.  This pink sapphire evil eye will look chic and fabulous on your attire and help you dispel possible malevolent stares. The sapphires are beautifully arranged to look like an eye.

Blake - Heathered


Cardigans just have that special hugging feel that we all like in chilly weather. However, sometimes we want something which is loose and allows us more space to breathe. This is where this charcoal grey cardigan comes in. Going against the tradition it has a roomy nature, which will protect you against the cold by creating air pockets and help you stay hip and the center of attention. It is made from 74% rayon, 21% Polyester, and 5% Spandex.

Click: An Online Love Story


Tired of reading all the boring formats and want to experience something old, but in a new way? This is not your average love story and not your average narration either. Told entirely through emails between four friends, it has the right mix of humor to make it work. This is the search of a woman, Renee, to find the love of her life via online dating. Based on the real life experiences of author Lisa Becker, it has some tense moments, as the main character goes through failed dates to find the Mr. Perfect.

Signature Chocolate Chip


There is something about chocolate chip cookies that make them suitable for every occasion. Whether you are feeling sad, happy, or low on energy, they can provide you with a fix. What about home baked ones? They are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for a person. This dough will help you in doing so. It is available in original, Gluten free, and vegan forms. Just take care not to eat all the dough before you set it in the oven.



As with all other creations from Freyana, this one is unique to the core. Made from an artistic blend of garnet and crysoprase, it has the tendency to leave the viewer speechless. The handcrafted piece is so finely made that it is difficult to spot any aberrations in the smooth embedding. The outer structure is constructed from gold plated sterling silver and complements the inlaid crystals. If you go on to visit the page, look through some of their other artistic creations as well, you will be amazed by them.

Fan Hands

fan hands

Some hands are made to clap louder, others are not. If you have always wanted to clap louder to support your team, but found the activity to be too effort consuming, then this is just the product for you. These gloves have only one purpose, to help you clap the loudest. Ingeniously designed to support their main function, they are available in all sizes. Other things can include using them for supporting charity drives and showing solidarity with minorities. The possibilities are endless.

Canary Wharf Black Crocodile Embossed Loafer Luxury Mens Shoe


Maybe it is just us, but loafers and sandals were the best thing to be invented in casual wear. These loafers are anything but ordinary. Made out of Canary Wharf Black Crocodile embossed calf skin, they offer style and comfort without compromising either. This is a serious gift and not for the feint hearted. Due to the high costs, each product is only made to order and hence requires 15 days to be made, so if your heart is set, then plan ahead to receive it in time.

Meow – Matte Lip Velour


There is a grace in Matte that is just not there in bright colors. This Matte Lip Velour is long wearing and will last most afternoons. Imbued with Natural Vanilla, it will make your lips look inviting, plush, and soft. It is free from Parabens, Talc, and gluten. It will also protect you from the caked lipstick look and keep your lips moisturized.

Citrus Bath Salts Kit


What is more refreshing than a soak in the tub with warm water? Well, it’s a soak in the tub with citrus bath salts. They do not only smell good, but also make you feel refreshed. The fragrance itself has some mood lifting properties and the citrus fruits usually have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. This kit has all the ingredients required for making the salts at home. They make an ideal gift because the other person knows that you took out time to make it for them.

2" Flat Narrow Cherry Secret Box - Love


There is something about love that makes it all the more interesting if it is secret. We all love the idea of a secret admirer. The mystery makes it all the more alluring. What about gifts? They can be made interesting. And this one is one of the most interesting ones out there. This secret box can mask the real gift, which can be a piece of jewelry or any other important thing. Watch your Valentine puzzle over it, before you reveal the real thing inside.



The best products are those which balance fashion with function. Hoodies are generally shapeless things, meant for the ultimate relaxed style. However, some people just like their hard work to be more visible. This hoodie has the requisite comfort of a normal hoodie, but its style makes everyone aware of your figure. Available in a range of muted colors, it will hug you in all the right places and allow to highlight your curves.



Mashizan Masjum, born in Singapore, and based in Florence, Italy, is the latest person to revive the grace and beauty of the 60s. His works are a tribute to La Dolce Vita and Sophia Loren at their height. This exquisitely made pair will cost you a fortune, but the detail in the deceivingly simple work is awe inspiring. It has been made as a work of art. Made from kid suede, layered with glitter, and combined with pony hair, this is fashion at its peak.

Fort Bragg


What does a teardrop represent? Is it supposed to keep the memories of a loved one close to you? Legend has it that a teardrops job is to cry. It is an opportunity to enjoy the memories of your loved ones keeping them close to you and celebrate the love in your life. For Valentine’s Day 2016 get this magnificent necklace. A trio of 14K gold filled teardrops is adorned with a leather bail attached by a simple rivet on a 14K gold filled chain. Isn’t it beautiful ? Share the love…

What I Love about You

what love

It is impossible to truly tell someone, how much you love them, especially since it relates to the matters of the heart, and all of us aren’t linguists with long train of words to express our emotions. But, if there is a person in your life that you would like to know and always find yourself at a loss of words, then this book is the perfect thing. It uses a simple fill in the blank approach to open the doors of expression. You can just fill in all the blanks and give it as a personal gift to remember you by.

Bubble Bath Ring Candle


Going to the spa is the ultimate treat, but it is quite expensive. However, soaking in a hot water bubble bath comes close to the experience. But, what is lacking, even after the salts and warm water, are the fragrances which relax you. With this Bubble Bath Ring Candle, you can go the mile and achieve an authentic home spa experience. You will be taken through a journey commencing with melon and apple, and ending with soft lily and jasmine.



Made by Ann Greenberg, founder of The Underground Chic, this is recycling and fashion at their best. Although, it is hard to believe, these pouch bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, despite their leather look, which has been achieved by clever machine printing. Not only will you be using a recycled product, but each purchase of their products will help them plant a tree and take care of it. So, now you can carry your poop pickup bag in style and protect the environment.

Sweet Kit-tea Body Cream


Sweet Kit-tea Body Cream from Honeycat Cosmetics, hmm, seems like something out of a comic book, but it isn’t and it is real. Made from all natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, Kukui nut oil, Shea butter, and antioxidants; it will keep your skin soft and velvety just like the fur of a kitten. It will refresh your skin and rejuvenate your spirits. Whether you use it for a special occasion or just to treat yourself, you will not be disappointed.



Purple, having a frill, and short, these socks are not just delightful in appearance; rather they are made following the principles of reflexology. Reflexology has been applied in ancient cultures and helps in relaxing the body. There are pressure points in the feet, which correspond to the different organs of the body. And this pair of socks will help in enhancing the overall experience. They advise doing it before intimacy to increase the enjoyment, but it is equally effective in stress related situations.

Photographer Women’s Shirt


Are you someone who likes to photograph things? Creative people are generally sensitive and introverts, who do not like to brag about their achievements. But, still sometimes it does not hurt to promote your work for free. If you like retro shirts and photography then this is the perfect way for you to bring up conversations about your photography skills. The charm of the shirt lies in its retro style and the obvious pinhole camera printed right at the front. Made of 100% cotton, it will only grow softer and more comfortable with use.

Hope, we gave you some good ideas, for that is our purpose in the end. But before we go remember: Humans are diverse creatures and a kind work can do wonders for a person. Even if you do not have a penny and are broke, remember a kind word, a smile, and showing affection does not cost anything. So, enjoy and share the love, the world needs it now, more than ever.